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West Coast - Photo:Marcus Paladino your surf photos & video

» West Coast - 8 fine photos by Marcus Paladino


West Coast - Photo:Marcus Paladino

Stand Up Paddleboarding on Oyster Bay, Ladysmith BC, Dec/09/2017 day to day Stand Up Paddleboard photos

» 3 or 4 km up to the head of the bay in Glassy calm midday sunshine. Dec/09/2017

Slipped into Bush Creek and by the time i came in a south wind was blowing up the bay, cold and full of fog

» 10 or 11 km of Sunny awesome day with a fog bank and a Nudibranch - Dec/07/2017

Paddled out the bay past transfer beach, cut across the bay, in between the Woods Islands through the wet log sort and up Burleith Arm

Stand Up Paddleboarding on Oyster Bay, Ladysmith BC, Dec/07/2017

Tyler Wright Wins The 2017 WSL World Title, Becomes 2x World Champion industry news

» Tyler Wright Wins The 2017 WSL World Title, Becomes 2x World Champion

sea lion having fun in the waves Saturday morning October 28th - Photo:Jill Beale your surf photos & video

» West Coast, late October 2017 - 10 photos by Jill Beale

sea lion and surfer sharing a wave


SUP Surf Nationals, North Chesterman Beach, Tofino - Oct 21, 2017 BC's SUP News

» Cath Bruhwiler and Jeffery Spencer are the Canadian National Champions

» results posted

» SUP Surf Nationals, North Chesterman Beach, Tofino - Oct 21, 2017

Nelscott Reef Big Wave Pro/Am Lincoln City, Oregon - one-day between Oct 1st and Mar 31st canada's surf news

» Nelscott Reef Big Wave Pro/Am Lincoln City, Oregon - one-day between Oct 1st and Mar 31st

» 10 Barrel Brewing's Nelscott Reef Pro/Am Introduces Selection Process for Alternates

» Wildcards Also Announced

Ken from Kansas landed this great Chinook Salmon Offshore at the Big Bank - Photo:Slivers BC Fishing Reports

» Alberni, Ucluelet, Barkley Sound, Somass-Stamp River - Oct/20/2017
by Doug Lindores

Stamp River fishing for Coho and Chinook during the fall has been relatively good

The return of Somass River Chinook salmon stocks up to the 15th of October are just over twenty-eight thousand. There are over twenty-eight thousand through Stamp Falls. Adult Coho migrating through Stamp falls are at approximately twenty thousand. The Sproat Lake Chinook returns are only at fourteen. The Adult Coho returns to the Sproat are also low and are at about 1,500. The numbers of Chinook and Coho salmon passing through the counters are currently quite high.

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december 2017

» Mount Washington - Opening Day Dec 08, 2017

» Mount Cain Opening Day - Dec 09-10? TBA, 2017

» Surfrider Beach Cleanup at Muir Creek - Dec 10, 2017

january 2018

» Surfrider Beach Cleanup at China Beach - Jan 14, 2018

february 2018

» Song and Surf Music Festival - Port Renfrew - Feb 9-11, 2018

» 20th Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - Feb 10-18, 2017

» Surfrider Beach Cleanup at Port Renfrew: Gordon Rivermouth - Feb 11, 2018

march 2018

» Loggers Derby, Sproat Lake - Poett Nook - March 3-4, 2018

» Vancouver | Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show - March 3-4, 2018

» Vancouver Bike Show - March 3-4, 2018

» Reel Paddling Film Festival Victoria, BC - March 08, 2018

» Pacific Rim Whale Festival - Mar 10-25, 2018

» Reel Paddling Film Festival Abbotsford, BC - March 10, 2018

» Surfrider Beach Cleanup at French Beach - Mar 11, 2018  

♠ news/interesting links

» RIP: Bruce Brown, 1937-2017. Iconic California surf filmmaker passes away -

» Bruce Brown, Creator of 'The Endless Summer' and Father of the Surf Film, Has Died -

» No 'Eddie' big-wave contest this winter, family says -

» Dylan Graves, the Gudauskas brothers, Gerry Lopez and Hannah Scott session the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon! -

» U.S. surfers recall adventure of riding Moncton's 'tiny' tidal bore in 1967 -

» Surfing the Petitcodiac in 1967 -

» YouTube:Trestles | September 5th | 2017 The pros warm up before the Hurley Pro begins in raw format - Identified Surfers - Kolohe Andino, Courtney Conlogue, Sage Erickson, Jordy Smith, Michael Bourez, Sally Fitzgibbons, Frederico Morais, Johanne Defay, Coco Ho, Ethan Ewing, Italo Ferriera, Adriano De Souza, Carissa Moore, Malia Manuel - 31min

» Surf Canada and announce partnership to assist athletes and fans of one of Canada's newest Olympic sports with housing when traveling -

» The Incredible Science of Surfing and Waves -

» 200m wide Waterspout spotted near Lasqueti Island -

» Jack O'Neill, wetsuit and surfing pioneer, dies at 94 -

» Jack O'Neill Dies at 94 Remembering the godfather of the modern wetsuit -

» Sea Lion Drags Young Girl Into The Water At Fisherman's Wharf in Richmond -

» surfer found after 32 hours in sea -

» Shark Attacks Woman At San Onofre -

» 1966 Surfing & Skateboarding @ Windansea - YouTube 8:07min

» Bankruptcy filing leaves Mavericks surfing event in doubt -

» When Others Run Away For Cover, I Head To The Lake Erie Shore To Capture The Beauty Of Waves -

» Great Lakes Surfer Featured on Steve Harvey Show -

» RIP Surfing Magazine (1964-2017) -

» Surfing Under Northern Lights - Chris Burkard in Iceland -

» Surf park proposal floated for Vancouver's False Creek -

» surf pool and beach is being pitched on False Creek beside Science World -

» Surfer Gang's Lunada Bay "fort" must go, city staff says -

» Hawaii has a serious trash problem and it's coming on ocean wavves -

» Skateboarding And Surfing Are Very Close To Becoming Olympic Sports -

» Shark attack survivor: Woman suffered one big bite across her body, a punctured lung and broken rib - oarnge county

» The Petitcodiac River tidal bore - Moncton, New Brunswick -

» The San Diego Surf Film Festival -

» Cassidy BC downhill mountain biker Steve Smith dies from brain injury May/11/2016 -

» What The Hell Is A Waterman?

» Over the Falls

» Gabriel Nascimento - El Salvador Longboard as I know it

» Here's How Munich's Illegal River Surfing Scene Went From City Secret to Global Sensation -

» California Surfers Look to Courts for Relief Against Lunada Bay Bay Boys -

» Lawsuit Against Palos Verdes Surf Thugs -

» Inside the Mind of Kai Takayama -

» Australian Surf film "Open your ride" - full movie -

» The Boardroom International Surfboard Show Del Mar - May 14-15, 2016

» 2 bros prone paddleboarding from Ketchikan, Alaska to Mexico border will hit Tofino approx April 20, 2016 -

» Mexico-bound paddle-boarders make stop in Prince Rupert -

» Jai Lee - this man can ride the nose -

» Teen snowboarder who died on Mount Washington identified -

» The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing. Rising seas are claiming a vulnerable nation -

» Surf Stadium -

» River surfers invade Alberta's Rocky Mountains -

» Mount Washington resort sold to U.S. firm -

» Surf for Love, Not for Gold - surfing in the Olympics -

» forget your gopro. Here's a drone for you [guess it's not a drone if you're flying it] -

» Jay Mandarino buys SBC brand portfolio -

» SBC Surf & Snowboard Canada publisher SBC Media files for bankruptcy -

» SBC Media Files for Bankruptcy; Initial interest from new buyers -

» Mick Fanning attacked by shark -

» Mick Fanning has been attacked by shark during the final at J-Bay -

» RIP Johnny Rice, a true surfing icon -


» Sixty-six surfers on a 42' surfboard break World Record in Huntington Beach - June 20 -

» Battery-powered Surfboard Stuffed With $100,000 Worth Of Meth Washes Up On Beach -

» torn between surfing and golf? -

» 13-year-old surfer killed in Reunion Island shark attack -

» Great White Shark confirmed along Washington coast Feb 2015

» Surfer Bitten By Great White Shark Near San Luis Obispo, California -

» Mystery surrounding millions of sea star deaths on B.C. coast solved -

» NZ's first artificial surf reef wiped out -

» Chet Frost makes woden surfboards in Nanaimo - interview on

» Dorian [Doc] Paskowitz, Doctor and Surfer Who Lived an Endless Summer, Dies at 93 -

» The world’s first inflatable reef break -

» Three surfers die after getting into difficulty in the sea in Cornwall -

» Surfing tragedy claims three lives off Mawgan Porth Beach, Newquay -

» How to fight a tiger shark and win -

» Michael Scott Moore, author of "Sweetness and Blood...How Surfing Spread from Hawaii and California” has just been released, kidnapped in Somalia two-and-a-half years ago while researching a book on piracy -

» Visitors relish Martins Beach, Half Moon Bay, California, after court orders public access restored to surf break -

» World's 20 Best Surf Towns -

» Huntington Beach Surfer dies in the lineup - Wesley Goldenhar suffers fatal wipeout at 20th Street -

» Patagonia Surfing Wet Suits Go Green: A new kind of bio-rubber could change the way surf companies make wetsuits -

» False killer whale calf rescued near Tofino in critical condition -

» California swimmer talks about surviving great white shark attack -

» Comparing modes of surf tourism delivery in the Maldives -

» Liberalizing Nirvana: an analysis of the consequences of common pool resource deregulation for the sustainability of Fiji's surf tourism industry -

» Performance, agency and change in Surfing Tourist Space -

» Sustainable Surf Tourism: A Community Centered Approach in Papua New Guinea -

» Ensenada bay first surfing reserve in Mexico -

» Conservatives distance themselves from Northern Gateway approval -

» Big wave surfing pioneer Ricky Grigg passes away -

» Ricky Grigg, big wave surfer and oceanographer, dead at 77 -

» More than a thousand protesters rally against Northern Gateway pipeline in Vancouver May 10, 2014 -

» A shark-deterrent wetsuit? A sleek suit that taps our growing understanding of shark vision -

» Ottawa removing North Pacific humpback whales from list of ‘threatened’ species -

» Caribou, Humpbacks May Legally Stand in Way of Northern Gateway Pipeline, According to B.C. Nature Lawsuit -

» Kitimat votes 'NO' to Northern Gateway -

» NZ's first artificial surf reef to be removed, never functioned as intended -

» Humpback whales catch a wave at Pipeline -

» Hobie Alter, The Henry Ford Of Surfboards, Dies At 80 -

» after 23 years, Slater splits from Quiksilver -

» R.I.P. Hobie -

» Surfer / dolphin collision at Bawley's Beach, Oz -

» Forget the sharks... Australian beach is closed after four metre CROCODILE goes surfing -

» state-of-the-art surfable wave generator for rivers, lakes or large pools - £2.5 -

» Police asking for help to identify two men for the January 22nd arson at the Leeside Skatepark -

» SBC Restaurant 65' wide indoor mini ramp 109 East Hastings St. Vancouver

» Nanaimo area teen dies in longboard collision in Cedar -

» Gerard Butler in Talks for 'Point Break' Remake -

» Europe's surfers tackle mountainous seas raised by intense weather system -

» Surfers take on 18-metre waves of the Atlantic coastlines of Ireland, Cornwall, France and Portugal -

» Slater's Boards Stolen -

» Kelly Slater’s Pipe Quiver Stolen in North Shore Heist -

» Black swans surfing at Kirra in Australia -

» Australian Fishermen Free 12-Foot Tiger Shark in Dramatic Rescue -

» Shark Kills Maui Kayaker Fisherman -

» Kinder Morgan plans to ship 400 tankers loaded with tar sands oil each year through the Salish Sea. If the oil spilled, where would it go -

» B.C. Whale-watching vessels are receiving unusually close encounters by curious juvenile Humpbacks in the Salish Sea -

» Search resumes for Missing big wave surfer Kirk Passmore on Oahu's North Shore -

» Video of Kirk Passmore's Last Wave -

» Great White sightings on the rise in San Diego -

» New NOAA Model Improves Understanding of Potential Paths of Japan Tsunami Debris -

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For me it is not the moment of achievement,
not the mastery of the elements or of a particular skill,
not the discovery of ability.
For me it is the ongoing relationship with this ocean and the balance and perspective that this relationship yields.

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