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sToP II Sprout Lake - 2003 Vancouver Island Wakeboard Tour  


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sTop I - Horne Lake June 14 & 15 - results
sTop II - Sproat Lake June 28 & 29 - results
sTop III - Elk Lake July 26 & 27 - results
sTop IV - Comox Lake August 9 & 10 - results

tour standings

The Vancouver Island Wakeboard Tour had a record number of riders and spectators at Sproat Lake Stop June 28, 29 2003
June 28, 29 results

12 under & boys
1st 	Alex Shanks		Courtney	
2nd 	Derek Hebert		Port Alberni
3rd 	Marc Leger		Port Alberni
4th 	Curtis Parker		Courtney
5th 	Jory Cole			Port Alberni

Girls 12 & under
1st 	Jayme Clark		Port Alberni
2nd 	Carly Parker		Courtney
3rd 	Marissa Harder		Courtney
4th 	Robyn Josefson		Port Alberni
5th	Alyshia Coombs		Port Alberni

1st 	Rob Parker		Courtney
2nd	Mike Leger		Port Alberni
3rd 	Al Shanks			Courtney
4th 	Neil Josefson		Port Alberni
5th 	James Tyson		Nanaimo

1st	Barb Shanks		Courtney
2nd 	Andrea Parker		Courtney
3rd 	Marty Miller		Victoria
4th 	Valeen Brash		Nanaimo
5th 	Chris Fosset		Courtney

Am Womens
1st 	Ali Parker		Courtney
2nd 	Breanne Madill		Port Alberni
3rd 	Andrea Harvey		Port Alberni

1st 	Ian Kellow		Qualicum
2nd 	Ronnie Brash		Nanaimo
3rd 	Chris Sander		Port Alberni
4th 	Cory Leger		Courtney
5th 	Kevin Hewett		Campbell River

1st 	Corey McVey		Port Alberni
2nd 	Grant Wright		Qualicum
3rd 	Darrell Fosset		Courtney
4th 	Mitch Gordon		Nanaimo
5th 	Colby Messer		Port Alberni

1st 	[unnamed]		Nanaimo
2nd 	Tyler Ham			Port Alberni
3rd 	Lonny Barr		Port Alberni
4th 	Sean Pedersen		Nanaimo

Open Womens
1st	Brittany Lothrop		Port Alberni

1st	Joey Ewing 		Port Alberni
2nd	Jordan Stubbs 		Victoria		

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