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2002 Island Wakeboard Tour - sTop I Sproat Lake  

Title sponsor MasterCraft Tournament Boats Inc.

2002 Island Wakeboard Tour


Title sponsor MasterCraft Tournament Boats Inc.

Wake Up Port Alberni Summer Weather is Here!!!

By Ian Kellow


What a weekend for wakeboarding!!!Sproat Lake was the host for the first stop of the Island Wakeboard Tour this past weekend.The sun was hot and the lake was flat all weekend and the Mastercraft X-Star was throwing a phat wake, which made for some awesome riding.There where riders in attendance as faraway as Ontario.Local riders stepped up to the challenge lead by local Pro Joey Ewing who placed 2nd in Pro.The SLWSA showed once again why there club is the hot bed for wakeboarding on Vancouver Island.Mastercraft Boats, CWB Wakeboards and Hyperlite put on a boat and board demos on the Saturday so that people would get a chance to try there great products out.On the Sunday the Pros put on a demo of there own after the event, people in the crowd got to witness tricks like, Batwings, offaxis 540s, KGB, Crowmobes but the trick that stood everybody in attendance was Kevin Heshaw doing a boardslide up the rail and a 720 off the end.Kevin is currently ranked 2nd in Jr Menís on the Vans Triple Crown Pro Tour.The next Wakeboard event on Sproat Lake is The BC Tour June 22 & 23 and The Next Island Wakeboard Tour is July 27 at Horne Lake


2002 Island Wakeboard Tour

Port Alberni Results

		Points	Hometown
12 and Under					
1st Brody Coombs		100	Port Alberni
2nd Marc Leger		80	Port Alberni
3rd Derek Hebert		70	Port Alberni
4th Cole Leger		60	Port Alberni
1st Trevor Miller		100	Victoria
2nd Mike Leger		80	Port Alberni
Amateur Women's					
1st Jordana Harvey		100	Port Alberni
1st Shawn Mcvey		100	Port Alberni
2nd Ian Kellow		80	Qualicum
3rd Corey Mcvey		70	Port Alberni
4th [unnamed]		60	Port Alberni
5th Ben Marshall		50	Qualicum
6th Devon Cameron		20	Port Alberni
7th Ronnie Brash		20	Port Alberni
1st Sean Pedersen 		100	Nanaimo
2nd Brendin Schievink	80	Port Alberni
3rd Grant Wright 		70	Qualicum
4th Mitch Gordon		60	Nanaimo
5th Todd Taylor		50	
1st Derek Young		100	Vancouver
2nd Lonny Barr		80	Port Alberni
3rd Chris Sanders 		70	Port Alberni
Open Women's				
1st Kelsey Butler		100	Chemanis
2nd Erica Butler 		80	Chemanis
3rd Brittany Lothrop	70	Port Alberni
1st Kevin Henshaw		100	Victoria
2nd Joey Ewing		80	Port Alberni
3rd Jordan Stubbs		70	Victoria
4th Jeff Potter		60	Ontario

Vancouver Island Wakeboard Tour Standings

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