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antivirus software

We currently run AVG Anti-Virus Free on the advice of several trusted teckies. So far it's good.

Nortons has become such a huge invasive program that it burdens operating systems. I thought antivirus software was all about keeping my os clean and cleat to do my bidding

Tried Panda antivirus. They are tenatious spammers. Even when you tell them you don't want their spam, they flood you. Panda demands constant Attention. Again, not what I want in any software.

Can't access our classifieds?

A few people have complained that they can't find or access our classifieds.

Our best guess is that your security level is set too high on your Norton's anti virus software. We haven't been able to duplicate this problem on our PCs but Norton's but apparently it filters out anything that has "ad" in the name and ads/ is the name of our classifieds directory. If you are having this problem and are not running Nortons, please email us and tell us what you are running.

We've always been happy with Nortons but our tech guy says they've become very user unfriendly in their 2006 version and we are moving to AVG Free Edition.

note from Chris
I have both Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security installed. The problem is with the NIS. I opened the application, then chose NIS options. Under Web Content tab, you can add a site. I added "", then selected the Ad Blocking tab to the right. I added and permitted /ads/, /ads, ads/, and ads. I don't know which one did the trick, but one of those lets classified show up on the site now.

Our ALT tags are loaded
ALT tags are meant to display descriptive text in place of an image. On IE by default alt tags are not routinely displayed unless the image doesn't display. You can turn this feature on by going to

Tools / internet options / advanced / and check always expand alt tags.

When your cursor hovers on an image, you will see the full image description in a yellow tag. It will disappear when you move the cursor away from the image.

Now Playing: An iTunes for Windows Plugin
I seem to have some fixation on publishing the song I am currently listening to on my blog. I have had to reinvent this several times now because I keep switching tools. Well, lately I have switched from Windows Media Player to Apple’s iTunes for Windows as my MP3 player of choice. So here we go again. The end result is something that could look like this on your web site!
» Now Playing -

hit ctrl and scroll
hit Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel to change text size on your internet browser and many other programs

hit Shift and scroll your mouse wheel to go back through your browser history

Classifieds form doesn't work sometimes. Business listing form too.
We've applied several patches but that unauthorized domain report bug still encumbers a few users. Please use email. Hate to give up that formmail because it screens out about a thousand spam submissions a month. It was getting ugly before we found that php formmail, but we're looking for better.

Never respond to spam.
Never respond to spam. A lot of junk email has an "opt out" or "remove from list" button on them. If you hit one of these, then spammers know that your email address is current and valid and it just became far more valuable to them.

IExplorer only wants to save images as bmp
      won't let me look at source code either.

Probably your cache is full. Empty your Temporary Internet Files folder.
click Tools / Internet Options.
click General tab / Temporary Internet files
click Delete Files.

Read more about troubleshooting this problem at

my PC is getting slower every day

probably your PC is full of spyware and reporting cookies. You can end up with dozens, even hundreds of these little apps running in the background and bogging down and crashing your PC. You get them from just visiting websites and also from agreeing to accept downloads from the likes of Gator corp, ect. More and more, spyware purveyors use a double negative in their download agreement, so if you hit no, you have actually answered yes to their spyware download. The soloution is to get and use spyware killer software. We don't leave ours on auto because we want to reduce apps running in the background. We just sweep the HDs a couple of times a week.

You can get free downloads of ad aware which has a very Norton like look to it, but we consistently found that Spybot-S&D found stuff that ad aware missed.

stay away from SpyHunter or SpyKiller as you end up having to pay to remove these programs from your PC.

shortcut keys

copy - hold ctrl and hit C

paste - hold ctrl and hit V

browse all open programs on your PC - hold Alt and hit tab repeatedly to move through programs






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