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Memories of Vancouver Island by Mike Crome  


Memories of Vancouver Island


Mike Crome here with a potted history of my experiences on your West Coast.

I first went to the West Coast (Ucluelet) in 1971 when I was 16. A mate and I hitched over to meet my step-uncle who was keeper of the Amphitrite Point lighthouse.

surfing stories and pictures from Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia, Canada
Wreck beach, renamed and the squatters cleared out by Parks Canada
I returned in the summer of '72 and camped on the beach at Wreck Bay for 3 weeks. Lots of hippies in those days and I borrowed a board off an Hawaiian draft dodger who lived in a home-made shack on the cliff above the beach. I recall a hot sunny summer, warm water, and some cool waves.

I returned to Australia (Cronulla nr Sydney) in 73 but came back to BC in '75 where I lived till '82. Spent part of every summer at Long Beach or in Ucluelet. My girl friend at the time had a brother who married the daughter of Chief Bert Mack from Toquart Indian band, so we had close connections with the area.

Time moved on, I went back to Oz, but in '85 came back to visit my Mum & Dad in Vancouver. The Old Man owned a yacht and him and I sailed to Barkley Sound where we spent 2 weeks chilling out during a brilliant summer. I had a board on board so eventually made it to Spot L where I caught a few small waves for old times sake.

surfing stories and pictures from Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia, Canada
Spot L looking out to Lovekin Rock

I'm now married and live in Norfolk England. Not much surf here, but I had my first wave since Bondi (1988) this summer at Newquay, Cornwall. Once you got you never forget it.

Anyway, thought I'd drop you my history for your records and thanks for a memorable website.



Aussie Mike Crome from Norfolk, England here...
...Just to tell you that I received an Email today from a long lost buddy who lives in Vancouver. He was checking out your web site and found my contribution. He was thus able to contact me after about 15 years of going our own ways.

Many thanks to you and your website for reuniting old mates.










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