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2007 Oregon Either/ Or Surf Team Cup - September 15th - 16th, 2007 - Lincoln City  

The 1st annual Either/ Or surfing team cup took place September 15th and 16th, 2007 at Roadís End State Park in Lincoln City, Oregon. The event featured great conditions in the six to eight foot range and was a benefit for a 7th - 12th grade school water club.

Jason Garding, event organizer, describes the unique team event. "The bottom line was you had to get all 4 surfers on the team to score at least one decent score per heat. You may be the biggest ripper in the whole contest but youíre only worth 10 points out of a possible 40 per heat. After you get a good (wave), youíre better off rooting your teammates into a few. If youíre sitting on a solid six point wave youíre probably not going to improve on that much. Itís better to make sure your buddy who may only have a 3 improve his score. It was interesting to hear the communication going on between the teams out in the water. You donít hear a surfer telling another surfer to go on a wave in the middle of a contest very often."

Jason further describes the highlight of the weekend. "One of the coolest things I saw this weekend was Buzzy Morales and Tony Perez working together on the same team. Who would have thought that a guy who prays before every surf and a guy who spray paints his boards black and draws demon heads on them would come together for the common good of the team. Yeah, we broke down barriers this weekend. I felt the love."

Winners for the First Annual Either/ Or Surf Team Cup include:

1st Place Team: Oregon Surf Shop ( Team members: Buzzy Morales (Salem) , Kenny Wilson (Lincoln City), Tony Perez and Jason Garding (Lincoln City).

2nd Place: Seven Surfboards ( Team Members (all from Pacific City): Bryan Bates, Ryan Merton, Dustin Judd and Sylas Stephens. Additionally, Ryan Merton was awarded the $100 best single wave for the event.

3rd Place: Gorge Performance ( Team Members: Kainoa Casco, Bobby Ruleau, Matt Spencer, Rex Adams.

4th Place: ASV Productions ( Team Members: Mattie Star (Lincoln City), Andy Hensley (Lincoln City), Stew Williams (Eugene), Zach Booth (Eugene).

Tied for 5th Place: Ossies Surf Shop, Otter Rock Surf Shop, Double Vizion Photography and Gallucciís Pizza.

Sponsors for this event included BK Mulligans Sports Bar, Awesome Surf Videos, Oregon Surf Shop, Fox Riders Company, Xcel, Rebel Boards, DoubleVizion Photography, ERA skateboards, Ossieís Surf Shop, Right Front Burner and Russo Surfboards. Volunteers included Jason Garding, Ken Wilson, Keri Garding, Sean Johnson, Mattie Star and Andy Hensley. Judging was provided by Jedi Jonny, Hannah Nichols, and Stan Michaels.

2007 Oregon Either/ Or Surf Team Cup - September 15th - 16th, 2007 - Lincoln City

Oregon Either/ Or Surf Team Cup - Jul/30/2007

BK Mulligans and Awesome Surf Videos Host Surfing Team Cup

The 1st annual Either/ Or surfing team cup has been scheduled for the weekend of September 15th and 16th, 2007 at Lincoln City, Oregon. This event is a benefit for a 7th - 12th grade school water club in the Lincoln City area. A surf themed raffle, surf movies filmed with local Oregon surfers and live music will be offered on Saturday night (September 15th ) at BK Mulligans Sports Bar, starting at 6 PM. The Saturday night event will be free and open to the public.

Four man teams will compete against each other for the coveted Either/ Or Trophy. Jason Garding, one of the event organizers, notes the winning team will also get a plaque "so years down the road you can show your grandchildren how rad you used to be". This one of a kind event is limited to 32 surfers total in 8 teams, and will utilize a unique team format. The event will run with two teams per "game" (or heat), with each team surfing two quarters per game with the winning team moving on towards winning the team cup. Each team member will have their best wave score combined with the best wave score for their other team members. The team with the highest cumulative score wins the event and the coveted trophy. Another different aspect of this event is that the only other surfers in the water during each heat will all be on the same team, and surfing cooperatively with each other as opposed to the surfing against each other as is seen in every other local surf event. Surfers in the Either/ Or team cup are encouraged to share strategy and to change water approach tactics to maximize the best surfers for the best conditions during their heats.

The event will run a total of eight hours of heats, with each heat scheduled for at least fifteen minutes. Teams will surf two heats each. Teams must have at least two shortboarders (boards 7í4" or shorter) and one longboarder (boards more than 9í). Teams must register in advance as team space is very limited. Individual team riders will be registered the day of the event in a beach registration process, or at BK Mulliganís Sports Bar Friday night between 6-8 PM. The entry fee for each team will be $150.00. Checks for team registration can be mailed to Jason Garding at Either/ Or Team Cup, 1745 NE West Devils Lake Rd., Lincoln City, OR 97367. Include the team name, a team contact person, a contact phone number and e-mail address with the team registration check. Judging for this event will be provided by the surf judging group Pacific NW Judges, headed by Sonny Owens.

The location for the event will depend on ocean conditions on the day of the event. The selected areas for running the event are D- River Wayside, Roadís End, Canyons, Nelscott, Otter Rock or Mulligans. The selected event location will be posted on on Friday, September 14th. In the event of severe weather conditions, the team cup will turn into a pool tournament at BK Mulligans Sports Bar, which is why the event is called the Either/ Or Team Cup (either a surf event or a surf oriented pool tournament).

Sponsors for this event include BK Mulligans Sports Bar, Awesome Surf Videos, Oregon Surf Shop, Fox Riders Company, Xcel, Rebel Boards, DoubleVizion Photography, ERA skateboards, Ossieís Surf Shop and Russo Sur,oards.

Contact:Jason Garding (Registration, logistics)

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