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6th annual Clean Water Classic
- Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007  

coastalBC recap Clean Water Classic Adrian Nelson

Rumors started to fly early around the contest scene this year. Peter Devries and the Bruhwiler brothers were a no show and talk was the Canadians had no chance for defending the title this year. Everyone knew there was going to be a new pro/am champ crowned. The question was who.

Saturday was overcast and foggy at times, but that didnít stop the surfers from turning the heat up in the water. It was obvious everyone had something to prove, with heavy hacks and buckets of spray, each surfer destroyed the chest high sets rolling in. The heats were very close as the pro/amís all vied for one of the top eight spots in Sundays heats. The womenís heats were just as tough with the ladies stepping up their game and claming their rightful spots in the line-up. When the dust settled eight surfers moved on and the rest were left to party the night away.

With a shift in venue this year, over 400 people attended the party at the Westport Convention center. The bands rocked till late in the night and party revelers drank the night away as all kinds of boards, wetsuits and free swag was given away. Sunday rolled in along with the fog again but it didnít seem to faze the surfers. The juniorís heats were a highlight of the day as the groms really showed maturity in there surfing. The BC groms should be commended on their excellent heat strategy and the determination they ripped apart the waves with. With BC boys CC Unger-Mayor, Kye Peladeau, and Janek Peladeau taking respective first, second, and third. The womenís heat saw the usual rivalry between BCís Leah Oke, and Oregonís Rachel Ward as they traded off set waves. When the spray had subsided it was Leah Oke that was left standing at the top of the podium and $150 richer.

After two very close semi-final pro/am heats it was local boy Steve Martin squaring off against BCís own Noah Cohen for the final heat of the day. Almost right off the horn Noah found a long right-hander and proceeded to slash and hack his way almost 200 yards down the beach. Now Noah had the grueling task of paddling all the way back to the peak, leaving Steve alone to take his pick of waves. Fortunately for Noah, Steve was unable to find a wave, as the Ocean seemed to hit a bit of a lull. The two of them traded off on a couple smaller sets as the heat minutes winded down. With Minutes to spare, and Steve sitting out back alone, it was obvious he was waiting to destroy the next big set that rolled through. That final pulse came through but the wave just didnít hold up as it sectioned off and left Steve without the long line he needed to win. So once again the Canadians dominated the podium and the new pro/am crown sits atop the head of an 18 year old from Tofino.

With all the surfing action aside, the true winners of the event were the multiple chapters of the Surfrider Foundation. Who through this event, and with the help of the many sponsors including the generous support of Global Surf Industries, will be able to carry forward another year of environmental initiatives. Ensuring the Beaches of Oregon, Washington, and right here in BC will stay pristine.

Adrian Nelson

Surfrider Foundation and Global Surf Industries Host Successful Surf Event surfrider

The 6th annual Clean Water Classic surfing contest has just wrapped up at Westport, Washington. This event was a benefit for the Pacific Northwest chapters of the Surfrider Foundation. The 2007 Clean Water Classic was presented by Global Surf Industries (GSI), the worldwide leading sur&oard distribution company. The event drew more than 100 competitors and also drew many first time surfers to the beach as well. ďItís great to see so many people surfing for the first time- itís just perfect!Ē said Mark Kelly, the President of Global Surf Industries. Mark continued ďThe surfing community of the Pacific Northwest should be very proud of itself.

6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
 Leah - 6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
Matt Loughren & Silver Board - 6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
Matt Loughren & Silver Board
photos by Pamela Clark

The quality of the surfing I saw on the weekend was sensational. The local guys can hold their head up high on the performance side of things. This was my first trip to the region, and having travelled extensively throughout the world I have to say that the ďAloha spiritĒ was alive and well in Westport.

The surfing culture here is pure and the joy of surfing that I witnessed really fits with our company mantra - Life is better when you surf!Ē GSI brought several well known surfers to participate in the event, including Bonga Perkins (who is currently on the cover of Longboard magazine) and Steve Walden, a successful sur&oard shaper/ manufacturer from Ventura, CA.

The event started with a GSI sponsored sur&oard dealer heat on Friday, which drew three man teams from six surf shops. The three man teams surfed three boards (a shortboard, a fish, and a longboard). The shop winner was awarded a $2500 shop credit, which drew spirited competition to start off the surfing weekend.

Pro/ Am Winners - Noah Cohen, Steve Martin, Bastien Lanusse - 6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
Pro/ Am Winners
Women Longboard Winners - 6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
Women Longboard Winners
Women's Shortboard Winners - 6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
Women's Shortboard Winners
Men's Longboard Winners - 6th annual Clean Water Classic -  Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007 - Photo:Pamela Clark
Men's Longboard Winners

On Saturday June 2nd, the first heats started at 8:00 AM at the jetty in Westhaven State Park, Washington. The event concluded at 3 PM on Sunday, June 3rd. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, 50 heats were run with most being 15 minute heats. Six competitors per heat was the norm on Saturday, with the semi finals and finals on Sunday drawing between two and four competitors per heat. The weather was calm and foggy at times, with nicely shaped waves in the two to six foot range.

On Saturday night, GSI and Quiksilver combined forces to provide an extraordinary surf theme party which attracted over 450 people. The party turnout packed the Westport Convention Center, and featured a Quiksilver raffle, the donation of boards by Mark Kelly from GSI, and several surf movies and movie previews. One of the movies previewed was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer which will be released by Fox on June 15, 2007. In this movie, the lead character rides a silver sur&oard. The Clean Water Classic was selected by Fox to feature a very limited edition silver surboard similar to the one used by the movie character. On Sunday, this board was given to the winner of the Masterís Shortboard division (Matt Loughren). Matt is the well known owner of a local surf shop in Westport, and the crowd roared appreciatively as Matt stepped up to claim his one of a kind prize.

Other major sponsors who made the 2007 Clean Water Classic a great success include Rebel Boards, Awesome Surf Videos, Vitamin Water, One Ball Jay, Cleanline Surf, Sex Wax, XCel, Perfect Wave, Hammersurf, and Biofoam Boards.

2007 Clean Water Classic division winners included:

Pro/Am Shortboard Division (shortboards are less than seven foot four inches):

  • 1st = Noah Cohen (Tofino, BC) . Noah also won the Best Wave and Shortboard Highest Scored Wave. Noah received $500 for his win.
  • 2nd = Steve Martin (Westport, WA). Steve received $150 for his win.
  • 3rd = Bastien Lanusse (Victoria, BC). Bastien received $100 for his win.

Masterís Shortboard (40 + years of age):

  • 1st = Matt Loughren (Westport, WA)
  • 2nd = Andrew Drake (Seattle, WA)
  • 3rd = Gary Smither (Coos Bay, OR)

Womenís Shortboard:

  • 1st = Leah Oke (Port Renfrew, BC). Leah won $150 for her win.
  • 2nd = Rachel Ward (Seaside, OR)
  • 3rd = Katt Dunn (Victoria, BC)

Menís Longboard (longboards are more than nine feet long):

  • 1st = J.P. Canis
  • 2nd = Steve Martin (Westport, WA)
  • 3rd = Andy Cordeiro

Masterís Longboard:

  • 1st = Perry Abedor (Dana Point, CA) Perry also won the Longboard Highest Scored Wave.
  • 2nd = Andrew Drake (Seattle, WA)
  • 3rd = Gary Smither (Coos Bay, OR)

Womenís Longboard

  • 1st = Rachel Ward (Seaside, OR)
  • 2nd = Yvonne Mendel (Victoria, BC )
  • 3rd = Hannah Nicholls (Depoe Bay, OR)

Juniorís Division (between 12- 17 years old):

  • 1st = CC Unger-Mayor (Tofino, BC)
  • 2nd = Kye Peladeau (Tofino, BC)
  • 3rd = Janek Peladeau (Tofino, BC)

Surf Kayak High Performance:

  • 1st = Gary Korb (Port Angeles, WA)
  • 2nd = Jameson Riser (Seattle, WA)
  • 3rd = Kate Howell (Corvallis, OR)

Surf Kayak Novice/ Intermediate:

  • 1st = Joe Dietrich
  • 2nd = Jeff Daniels
CWC Final Results

Men's Pro/Am Shortboard

1	Noah Cohen		
2	Steve Martin
3	Bastien Lanusse
4	CC Unger Mayor
5	Kaylor Hollen
6	Joseph Seeger
7	Jeff Scariano
8	Nathan Ridens
9	Doug Lewis
10	Greg Urata
11	Ollie Richardson
12	Rex Adams
13	Kye Peladeau
14	Reid Jackson
15	Christian Moutinho
16	Guto Cunha
17	Lebaron Esty
18	Jesus Camacho
19	Adam Guy
20	Steve Barton
21	Gabriel Garcia
22	Jeremy Rasmussen
23	Matthew Spencer
24	Nick Kerr
25	Ryan Cameron
26	Mauricio Murillo
27	Stew Williams
28	Alex Close
29	Nolan West
30	Mattie Starr
31	Todd Welter
32	David Redpath
33	Jay Rosene
34	Danny Amato
35	Joe Bilsborough
36	Jason Garding
37	Clayton Buck
38	Joey Buck
39	Jason Laramie
40	Riley Erik
41	Erik Klein
42	Adam Sheehan
43	Potato Arvai
44	Chad Wilson
45	Deric Soochoff
46	Bonga Perkins
47	JP Canus
48	Andy Barnes

Master's Shortboard

1	Matt Loughren
2	Andrew Drake
3	Gary Smither
4	Nolan West
5	Marc Ward
6	Hazen Anderson
7	David Watts
8	Michael Zeeman
9	Mike Kolby
10	Mike Webb
11	Perry Abador
12	Elis Lark
13	Mike Barrett
14	Ben Cockcroft
15	Anthony Redpath
16	Aka Grimm
17	Jeff Hollen
18	Mike Jipp

Men's Longboard

1	JP Canus
2	Steve Martin
3	Andy Cordiero
4	Adam Guy
5	Jason Garding
6	Ken Wilson
7	Tim Reda
8	Derrick Morris
9	Ollie Richardson
10	David Redpath
11	Johnny Smith
12	Jordan Hollen
13	Tor Rockness
14	Scott Averett
15	Casey Quinn
16	Jason Thompson
17	Guto Cunha
18	Phil Mehop
19	Danny Krueger
Master's Longboard

1	Perry Abedor
2	Andrew Drake
3	Gary Smither
4	Anthony Redpath
5	Michael Zeeman
6	Ben Cockcroft
7	Matt Loughren
8	Spike Richardson
9	Jay Sennewald
10	Jeremy Bennett
11	Peter Miller
12	Nolan West
13	Mike Jipp
14	Steve Scopelleti
15	Aka Grimm
16	Bobby Arzadon
17	Alan Farmer
18	Bob Simmons
19	Mike Barrett
20	Jim Echtle
21	David Watts
22	Mike Webb
23	Scott Hutcheson
24	Steve Walden

Women's Shortboard

1	Leah Oke
2	Rachel Ward
3	Katt Dunn
4	Angie Spring
5	Cristen Don
6	Kelly Campbell

Women's Longboard

1	Rachel Ward
2	Yvonne Mendel
3	Hannah Nicholls
4	Cristen Don
5	Hannah Sturm
6	Katie Wilson


1	CC Unger Mayor
2	Kye Peladeau
3	Janek Peladeau
4	Frazer Mayor
5	Jasper Snowroser
6	Simon Bauer
7	Kekoa Lyons
8	Isaac Raddysh
9	Tyler Bird
10	Chris May
11	Alexei Burtscher

Kayak - High Perfomance 

1	Gary Korb
2	Jameson Riser
3	Kate Howell
4	Jeff Daniel

Kayak - Novice/Intermediate

1	Joe Dietrich
2	Jeff Daniel

GSI Longboard/Shortboard Heats

1	Adam Guy/Morgan Suller
2	Mike Jipp/Jeremy Rasmussen
3	Jay Sennewald/Ryan Cameron
4	Andy Cordiero/Kye Peladeau
5	Phil Meebhab/David Reepath
6	Alex Culter/Greg Urata
7	Mike Zeeman/Steve Murray
8	Bobby Arzadon/Mike Kolby

GSI Team Heats

1	Steepwater
2	Surfari Town
3	Oregon
4	Cleanline
5	GSI 2
6	GSI 1
7	Seaside Surf
8	Gorge 
9	Ocean Pulse
10	Wavehounds

6th annual Clean Water Classic June 1-3, 2007
6th annual Clean Water Classic - Westport, Washington - June 1-3, 2007

The 6th annual Clean Water Classic (ďClassicĒ) surfing competition is scheduled for June 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2007. This event, the largest continuously run Pro/Am competition in the Pacific Northwest, will again take place in Westport, Washington.

The Classic is a benefit event for the Pacific Northwest chapters of the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches through conservation, advocacy, research and education. Check us out at There are several active chapters in the Pacific Northwest, with additional chapters organizing in 2007. Highlight activities and campaigns of the varied local chapters include the Blue Water Task Force testing programs, beach monitoring, educational outreach, improving beach access, and protecting beaches and coastlines.

In 2006, the Clean Water Classic attracted over 140 competing surfers in all age groups and several hundred spectators. Surfers from as far as Brazil have competed in the past and, in 2007, the first place Pro/Am competitor will earn a $500 prize, which draws many competitors.

Clean Water

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of our worldís oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 50,000 members and 63 chapters across the United States and Puerto Rico, with international affiliates in Australia, Europe, Japan and Brazil.









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