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Slam the Kan! 1st Annual ARSA Surf Slam  

Slam The Kan - Alberta River Surfing Assocation Surf Slam - September 22-24, 2006

WHAT: Second LAND LOCKED surf festival in the world outside of Muenchen, Deutschland (We did the first one too)

WHEN: September 22 ­ 24, 2006 (Friday evening to Sunday noon)

WHERE: Canoe Meadows on highway 40, 40 minutes west of Calgary in Kananaskis Country.

HOSTED BY: Alberta River Surfing Association (

THEME: The general focus of the ASS will be the members of ARSA and the community surrounding them. It is an opportunity for ARSA members, friends and industry to get together and celebrate the first year of ARSA, organized river surfing in and around Alberta and the joy of surfing. The ASS is also an opportunity to recognize members of ARSA for their actions within the surfing community.

COST: $20 per person (pay at the event, there will be wristbands if we end up with a beer sponsor but primarily we’re counting on honesty)

Where does the money go?
$10.00 for camping (total cost of Canoe meadow rental is $330)
$10.00 for ARSA Costs Including
-Sound i.e. Stereo rental/ Generator
-Help reimburse Negs for web cost
-Extra proceeds will be donated to charity
NB ­ this fee is NOT for surfing. You surf at your discretion and your safety is your responsibility.

SPONSORS: ARSA is grateful to the following the companies for sponsoring and supporting the Slam at the Kan. They are helping to make this memorable event and are an important part of this community. Thank you!
Big Swell
Monster Energy Drink
Red Nik Surf Shop
Rip Curl

EVENTS (all river events are at the whim of the Flow Gods):
Surf Competition.
1. Relaxed heats, seeded around the known good surfers judge each other based on anything
2. Competitive Final ­ winners of each heat (possibility of wild cards based on performance). Judges will be even number of sponsoring reps and ARSA surfers.

Surfer’s Obstacle Course
1. Competitors start in parking lot, get undressed and into river gear (time bonus for originality).
2. Grab a board and race down the stairs to the Green Tongue.
3. Competitors must catch a wave (time bonus for surfing).
4. Go back upstream, cross the Kan, race up the stairs and back to the parking lot.
5. Get changed into dry clothes and have a beer or some alternative.

Survivor Competition
1. Competitors stand in river while flow starts.
2. Last one standing wins.

Shaper’s Forum (pending a solution to the ‘foam’ dilemma)
1. Some lessons on shaping (if you want to contribute let us know)

Best of the Boards 2006
1. Community judging of backyard shaped boards
2. Winner announced during Award Night

Award Night
Awards will be based solely on forum votes and comments (Board Builder excepted). Awards are in the following categories:

Grommit Award: That new surfer who is always trying and never gives in even if they don’t succeed
River Rat Award: Best rider over the last year
Backyard Shaper Award: Voted on earlier in the day
World Better Off Award: The surfer who came closest to improving humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool.
Search Award: ARSA member who did the most exploration work
ARSA Award: Most dedicated person or the rider who did the most for ARSA over the previous year

1. Raffle off whatever ARSA members and their connections can donate (this may include a surf board)
2. All proceeds go to charity
3. After the raffle there will be a list setup to sell or trade what you won if you so desire

River Clean-up
1. May be in conjunction with Surf Rider.
2. Garbage pick up at Canoe Meadows and area.
3. Do this on Sunday to clean up our mess

We strongly recommend the use of helmets and other safety equipment during in water events.

Due to safety the general stand point of ARSA will be to only involve established ARSA members in any event that involves in the water, including the surf comp and the obstacle course.

River surfing and rivers in general can be extremely dangerous. The river is far more powerful than you and river surfing may result in injury or death. There is extensive safety information available on the ARSA website (, PLEASE read this information as it may save your life.

Your safety is your responsibility.

If you’d like more information, please go to









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