Surfing Vancouver Island  

The Rip Curl Stew: PhaseV 2011 - Cox Bay, Tofino, BC, June 11-12, 2011  


    Mens Open
  1. Noah Cohen
  2. Raph Bruhwiler
  3. Sepp Bruhwiler
  4. Janek Peladeau
    Womens Open
  1. Leah Oke
  2. Steph Wightman
  3. Tamarah Stephans
  4. Catherine Temple
    Junior Mens
  1. Simon Bauer
  2. Michael Darling
  3. Laird Tuel
  4. Kalum Temple
    Mixed Groms
  1. Kalum Temple
  2. Fred Sanford
  3. Cole Saunderson
  4. Conner Alexander
  5. Liam Smith
  6. Juilian Moutinho
  1. Greg Urata
  2. Jens Kalwa
  3. Cath Bruhwiler
  4. Doug Ludwig
  1. Robbie Ferguson
  2. Yoshiro Takeuchi
  3. Jeremy Bowery
  4. Dave Redpath
    Core Store Challenge
  • Sepp Bruhwiler
  • Cath Bruhwiler
  • C.C. Unger-Mayor

The Stew Collection - Surf Photographer Jeremy Koreski

This is a profile that we did for Rip Curl about Vancouver Island Surf Photographer Jeremy Koreski.
Artist: Ki: Theory
Album: Messages - Syntax
Track: Step Outside

The small town of Tofino, BC is home to best surfing and surfers in Canada. Tofino, and surfing here, is not like anywhere in the world. For the last five years Rip Curl, the ultimate surfing company, has hosted the Rip Curl Stew Surf Competition at Cox Bay to showcase and celebrate this surf community. The event has grown to become the biggest annual surf competition in Canada attracting surfers from the East Coast and the Pacific Northwest US.
Rip Curl presents The Stew Collection; a series of videos about the people and the area that tell the stories of surfing around The Rip Curl Stew Surf Competition.

YouTube:Highlights clip of the Men's final from the Rip Curl Stew, Tofino BC - Video:RipCurl

YouTube:Ben Murphy Ripcurl Stew 2011 - Video:SNMimages

The Rip Curl Stew: PhaseV 2011 - Cox Bay, Tofino, BC, June 11-12, 2011

" The Rip Curl Stew: PhaseV 2011 "

Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th 2011, 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Cox Bay, Tofino, BC


pre game warm up video

Reaching the boiling point, Rip Curl prepares to serve up another bowl of steaming, delicious Surf action on the savory shores of Cox Bay. Building on success of the previous years, The Rip Curl Stew is a two-day judged surf contest held in the heart of Tofino, BC. After four successful years, with 90 competitors and 850 visitors last year, and with the flavorful combinations and competition that the local surfers bring to the ‘table’, Rip Curl Canada and a team of eager sponsors are preparing you for another hot helping of savory Stew action. Check out the live beach entertainment, surfboard and wetsuit demos and activities for kids. The contest will include 8 categories, including open categories for men, women & children, allowing surfers at all levels & ages to showcase their talent! Post-event celebrations will be kickin’ it live into the night, with an Après Surf Steel Drum Band, Small Town DJ’s, DJ Pump & DJ Illo. With the estimated number of competitors in attendance being close to 100 this year, raise your spoons because it is lining up to be an unforgettable weekend! Along with the opportunity for up & coming surfers to showcase their talent, some of the well-known athletes invited to compete include Pete Deveries, Leah Oke, Shannon Brown, Noah Cohen, Reid Jackson, Issac Raddysh, Keegan Varney, CC-Unger Mayor, Ben Murphy, Frazer Mayor, Ryan Oke, Simon Bauer, Sepp & Raph Bruhwiler. Already we have more cash and prizes money than any other surf contest in Canada or the Pacific Northwest! Along with free admission for spectators, Rip Curl & event sponsors will be giving out tons of great prizes all weekend! For the competitors, there will be $20,000 worth of cash and prizes along with prize packs filled with swag. Oh, and the event theme? "Stew" will be readily available on the beach, by donation to feed the masses, with all proceeds going to non-profit, Surfrider foundation.

With 1st Prize Mens: $5,000 and 1st Prize Womens: $1,500

The competition is open to all ages and includes categories:

RIP CURL STEW SPONSORS INCLUDE: Monster, Spy, Surfrider Foundation, SBC Surf Magazine, Arbor, Dakine,, Barefoot, Sitka, Long Beach Lodge, City of Tofino, Corona & Sanuk


Looking to the future, Rip Curl is confident that this is the event to bring Vancouver Island's surf culture of latter years back to life with a realistic goal; to continue to develop homegrown athletes into those who compete at a world-class level. If you haven’t heard yet, Rip Curl will be doing wetsuit demos on the beach, consisting of ‘The Bomb Series’. Featuring E-Bomb, E-Bomb Pro, Flash Bomb & G-Bomb, and the suits will be available to test features such as quick dry technology, and exclusive new weave technology with two specially designed layers to drain the water from your suit. DRY FAST - SURF MORE! Other features also include Rip Curl's new stitchless technology, going stitchless gives you two major benefits such as more stretch and eliminating pin hole leaking = WARMER! Combine this with Rip Curl's E3 neoprene and you'll be rocking the lightest, warmest and most flexible wetsuit on the market!


Yes, stay tuned for online Pre & Post event updates:

The Rip Curl Stew will have registration forms online for download, or sign up in the local surf shops near you. The Rip Curl Stew will be updating their website daily, with updates including the weather forecast, tide predictions, pictures, Core Store challenge, Monster Energy Expression Session and much more, as the upcoming 5th Annual Stew Surf Competition scheduled for June 11-12 in Tofino, is first come first serve. For more information check out

THE BROTH: Pre-Stew Parties

May 22nd
Victoria Pre-Stew party featuring Small Town DJ’s at the Lucky Bar

June 10th Tofino, Friday Night VIP Media Event & Silent Suction Fundraiser at Long Beach Lodge Lounge.
DJ Pump, DJ Illo & Small Town DJ’s

June 11th Tofino, Saturday Night Stew Party
Featuring Après Surf Party with Steel Drum Band, Small Town DJ, DJ Pump & DJ Illo


"Heading into our 4th year supporting the event, we at Spy look forward to helping make this years Stew the best yet. It is one of the most fun and rewarding events in Canada, and we are stoked to be a part of it."
Daryl Trinidad - Canadian Marketing Manager, Spy Optic

"Surf’s up in Tofino as the nation’s top surfers descend on the Pacific Rim National Park to compete in the 2011 Rip Curl Stew surfing event. is proud to be an ongoing sponsor of this soon-to-be-legendary event in Canada."
Scott Andrews - Promotion Manager,

"The Rip Curl Stew is the type of event that brings out a higher level of surfing from local competitors. It showcases the fun comradery that many who love the ocean share. It also settles all scores among the top dogs as to who is number one."
Bill Fend -Long Beach Surf Shop

"It’s now the 5th year of the Rip Curl Stew, and alongside working with the Quiksilver SurfJam I've been involved with this event for 10 years. Each year the contest gets better and better, and with the addition of Rip Curl's Marketing Director, a lot more time and effort will be put towards the marketing of this years event. Many new events added this year, so you must get to the beach to check it all out.

I can't say enough about the Stew's sponsors, without these sponsors the event would not exist. With the potential loss of Oneil's Cold Water Classic, the Stew will definitely be Canada's Premiere Surf Contest in years to come. So being one of Canada's only surf contests we need to continue having the support of our sponsors. I hope everyone can come out and join in the festivities; this year will be a year to remember, that's for sure.

I want to especially thank Rip Curl, Monster Energy, the City of Tofino, the Long Beach Lodge, Surfrider Foundation, DaKine, Arbor, Spy and Sitka for their continued support. "

*A Special Note from Drew Hawkshaw, Rip Curl Stew Contest Organizer


For 40 years, Rip Curl has played a leading role in the surf industry and continues to move forward in Canada by gaining the rights, four years straight, to hold the only surf contest this summer in Tofino, BC, and one of the only Surf Contests in Canada. Yes, Rip Curl will continue to stick to the grass roots that helped make us the market leader in surfing, but we'll also charge on into the future and push riding to a new level.

RIP CURL plans on dishing out more stew this year in Tofino and we hope to have your support.