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Margaret River Pro 2006 presented by O誰eill - Margaret River, Western Australia
March 27-April 2, 2006 - Photos & story by Jason Eastman  

Spectator View - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman

Margaret River Pro 2006 presented by O誰eill
Margaret River, Western Australia
March 27-April 2

Epic wave conditions, Legendary surfers, and Controvery set centre stage for the Margaret River Pro 2006.

Thirty-nine year old former 1999 WCT World Champion Mark Occhiliupo has won the 2006 Margaret River Pro presented by O誰eill, in a dramatic final. All week long the contest took place in near perfect Margaret River surf conditions; consistent and powerful four to six foot waves with offshore winds, that the region is world renowned for. The finals were to be a completely different story that would lead to a dramatic finish; the swell on the final day had dropped off immensely, leaving all four surfers in the final heat desperate for high scoring waves and AUS$100,000 in prize money. With two minutes remaining in the heat, Occhilupo-who was currently in second place scrambled for a wave beside fellow competitor and high ranking WCT surfer Jake Paterson. Both surfers ended up colliding in a foam ball of desperation.

In a few similar situations throughout the week, the judges had made double interference calls on two surfers colliding. The crowds of spectators and competitors went silent for as they anxiously awaited the judges decision. The judges deemed the collision to be the fault of Jake Paterson, who would loose half his points for the second scoring ride, moving back from 1st place to 3rd. This allowed Occy to move into first place, and take the win. South African surfer Rick Basnett finished in second place, and local rising surf star Tom Innes placed fourth

It was Occy痴 second win at the Margaret River Pro; He previously won the inaugural professional event back in 1985, when some of his fellow competitors were still in diapers! 典wenty one years ago was my last win at Margies, so you wouldn't really call this a back-to-back win hey!

Occy had announced his retirement in 2005, before his passion for surfing convinced him to compete for one more year. He had announced before the start of the contest that it was to be his last professional appearance in Margaret River. At the award presentations however, Occy stated that he planned to return, even if he was retired next year.

The Margaret River Pro is Western Australia痴 more prestigious professional surfing competition. The waves in the Margaret River region are world renowned for some of the most powerful surf outside of Hawaii. This years four star WQS event, featured some of the worlds best surfers from 14 nations, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, France, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Canary Islands, and the USA. The event attracted thousands of spectators, watch watched by millions on an internet webcast, and will be televised in more than 48 countries to more than a billion people.

Final Results

  1. Mark Occhilupo, Australia - 14.83
  2. Rick Basnett, South Africa - 13.67
  3. Jake Paterson, Australia - 12.58
  4. Tom Innes, Margaret River, Australia - 12.5

For more Information

Occhiliupo - Winner - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman

Mark Occhiliupo - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman
Mark Occhiliupo

Surfers Point - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman
Surfers Point

Mark Occhiliupo - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman
Mark Occhiliupo

Tim Reyes - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman
Tim Reyes

Jake Paterson - 2006 Margaret River Pro - Photo:Jason Eastman
Jake Paterson

Jason Eastman Photos and Story by Jason Eastman
Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, Jason is an accomplished and award winning professional photographer who lives in Margaret River, Western Australia.
His first book is due out in 2006. For more information go to Jason Eastman Photography

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