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Body Glove Surfbout - Pete Devries at Lower Trestles  

Body Glove Surfbout - Pete Devries at Lower Trestles

Thur, 28 Apr 2005

Rainy Weather Gives Way to Excellent Conditions and Insane Action

By: Alex Wilson

Day 3 debued to Southern California, as it did for much of this winter, doing its best Seattle impression with heavy rain spitting from the skies. The weather, and resultant muddy trails down to Lowers, delayed the start a bit but spirits under the tents and out in the water remained un-dampened as early arrivals hit the shifty short range peaks for an extended free surf.

By 9:30 the rain had stopped all together and clear skies were prevalent for the 10am start as the front moved through. The winds died as well, and conditions cleaned up steadily throughout the day.

Che Stang went mental in his heat, posting a 9.5 and an 8.67 with a savage and committed array of cutbacks and bashes, and Peter Devries also surfed strongly, posting an 8.17 that anchored his advance out of Heat 9 and into Round 6.

Late round heats enjoyed the best conditions of the day. Curren advanced from his heat giving the crowds something to look forward to tomorrow, and Bron Heusseenstamm continued his run from this morning, winning Heat #14. Shea Lopez, who is on his way back from knee surgery, scored a 9.0 on a reeling overhead left that he picked up during Heat 15.

Check back in online tomorrow for updates from the advancing Men's and Women's rounds from the Body Glove Surfbout at Lower Trestles.



Peter progressed through 6 heats, placing 1st in his first 4 heats and 2nd in each of Thursday and Friday morning's heats. Friday afternoon in the Round of 32, Pete placed third and did not advance to the Quarter finals. A great accomplishment by Pete. May we cheer him on for years to come.

Round of 32 for $#@*'s sake. It's totally &^%$!#@ awesome.

Heat # 5	Men
Round of 208
Blue   1st  12.17 Peter Devries

Heat # 9
Round of 192
Blue   1st  15.17 Peter Devries

Heat # 9
Round of 160
Yellow  1st  13.23 Peter Devries 

Heat # 9
Round of 128
Yellow  1st  16.17 Peter Devries 

Heat # 9  Apr/28/2005 2:00pm
Round of 96
Yellow  2nd  14.10 Peter Devries

Heat #10  Apr/29/2005 11:10am
Round of 64
Blue 2nd 11.94pts Peter Devries 

Heat # 6    Apr/29/2005 3:00pm approx
Round of 32
White  3rd  12.50 Peter Devries

scores and results

Wed, 27 Apr 2005

Body Glove Surfbout Day Two Wrap Up
- Machado Dominates Again as the Early Rounds Grind On-

By: Alex Wilson

Day two of the Body Glove Surfbout presented by Adio commenced this morning under overcast skies that gave way to sun by midmorning. Light onshore winds were on tap, but Lowers, which is like pizza in the fact that even when its bad its good, was looking fun with chest to head high peelers.

Evidence of increasing competitiveness due to the progression of the early rounds was evident, Aaron Cormican, who blew a few minds yesterday with a stellar appearance in the first two rounds, failed to advanced from his third round heat as he was soundly bested by a confident looking Asher Nolan.

Infrequent sets midmorning left several competitors stranded for good scores, but as noon approached, some nice sized split-peaks began rolling in fairly steadily. Heat 9 saw Peter Devries continue his winning form, and Heat 10 saw Che Stang post a high 8 on his first wave.

Former Surfbout champ Rob Machado surfed the 2 nd heat of Round 4, and managed to take full advantage of the small and bumpy conditions with a low slung and smooth backside attach that earned him another 9.5 and an 8.1. Machado dominated his heat for the second day in a row, and after hitting the beach, commented on surfing the best heat of the day despite the challenging and small chop. "I didn't think I would be able to post scores that high when I was looking at it before the heat," said the reserved legend, "it seems like the wind has really been peaking at this point in the day so it can be tough. But Trestles is a ripable wave no matter what, so I was just looking for the ones with a good line and a nice wall.

As the afternoon wore on, Machado's wind observations proved correct as conditions improved from those seen during his heat. Consistent and cleaner peaks began to push back through on the lower tide and it seemed as if a new swell was beginning to show in the water.

Canadian Peter Devries took full advantage in Heat 9, and continued to roll along posting a 7.5 on his first wave with an ally-oop followed by a nice hook in the pocket. Devries then immediately got into position for another set wave, this one a left, and tore it to the inside with a brutal series of snaps for an 8.6 sealing the win.

Conditions continued to improve as the day wound down, and had many crossing their fingers that scheduled bad weather for tomorrow won't show. Perhaps they will and perhaps they wont. Regardless, log on to for Day 3 updates of Rounds 4 and 5, as well as Round 1 for the women. Check for scheduled conditions for the week to come and log on this Friday and Saturday to the Surfbout mini-site for live scoring.


Tues, 26 Apr 2005

The prestigious Body Glove Surfbout presented by Adio kicked off at Lowers this morning under blue skies and dead winds. Slightly inconsistent but glassy 3 to 4 footers had expectations running high as competitors checked in for the opening rounds in the crisp Southern California morning air. By days end, those expectations had been fully realized as several competitors put in some insane early round appearances.

Round 1 got under way as scheduled, and quickly rebounded from a slow start as Aaron Cormican and Peter Devries put in a pair of impressive performances in successive heats. Aerial expert Cormican hit the water for Heat 4 and proceeded to light up the shifty peaks with a below the lip attack that demonstrated his often overlooked versatility. Taking advantage of a nice left and a following right, Cormican linked a savage series of backside and frontside hooks that handily allowed him to take the heat, advancing into the next round along with 2 nd place finisher Flynn Novak.

In the following heat, Heat 5, Canadian Peter Devries swept in posting the highest score of Round 1 with a textbook display of contest surfing. Picking off a set wave, the regular footer reeled off a succession of frontside snaps, eventually connecting to the inside for a smooth 360 spin off the end section to conclude a wave that garnered him an 8.17, a score that proved to be the anchor of his heat winning performance.

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