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John Mel 6'2" x 16 3/4" x 22 1/4 " x 17 1/2 " x 2 1/2" 2001

2001 John Mel 6'2 surfboard

Mark Herzog

Mark: Itís a John Mel, which is like Peter Mel's dad. He's an older shaper of Santa Cruz and he has done a lot of shapes and stuff. I didn't hear about him when I went down there. I was looking for some other guys to shape a board or just something off the shelf, and I just happened to find it. A guy was just bring it in, and he had had it built for him, and he was an older gentlemen, must have been in his 40s, and he found that it was just too loose and just too fast and whatnot, because he was like a longboarder that was trying to bring it down and ride something a little smaller. I saw it when he brought it in, just like one look [snapped his fingers] and I just knew that that was definitely the board that I was looking for. I think I gave him about 300 cash and I had a board.

That has been probably the funnest board that I have ridden out here on West Coast because predominantly you get like a mushy swell out here.

CoastalBC: It looks like in could catch anything.

Mark: Yeah for sure. It gets you into a wave early, and I find that it is really kind of steady even when you get to your feet, and when you get to your feet it just rockets you down the line and the minute you want to turn it just it just seems to wanna slide out. It's like, what ever you are thinking, the way you want to ride, it seems to do just that. When you wanted it to hold it holds, when you want it to slide out, it slides out, you get to surf like just the way you want to surf. It's just the best board I have ever had.

CoastalBC: Probably cut out of a longboard blank.

Mark: I think it is. The middle area of it is actually over 22 inches wide, and tail comes into like 17 and ľ. I think it is the deepest swallowtail I've ever had on a board. And of course you can switch up the fins on it and make it even looser. I've taken out in waves that were well overhead and it'll have a tendency to wanna spin out when you get to a bottom turn so it is geared specifically to a certain kind of wave.

CoastalBC: Does it come right out from under you or does it just get kinda freaky?

Mark: I just find that you get so much speed, especially when you get like a real fast wave, you get to the bottom and you want to bottom turn, but just wants to spin right out on you, but it's perfect on a wave that's like chest high and mushy, something that I can never ride the board like [ points to a little potato chip on the wall] , something like a contemporary 6'2" but I ride on that thing and it just rockets you down the line.

For a board for this particular area, it's been a real fantastic ride. Lately I've been riding a lot of like, highbreds and stuff, you know eggs and funshapes and I find that those are a lot of fun to ride too, along with shortboards and longboards but John Mel's been the real gem of the board. I think that if I took the trip, I probably wouldn't take that one with me, I would probably leave that one at home. It's perfect around here.

CoastalBC: How long ago did you get it?

Mark: Gee, I got that maybe three or four years ago. You know, and I mean it is getting some pretty hefty pressure dings in it and stuff like at the back of the tail, it's really kind of coming away from the stringer there. It's not the delaming but it's got some pretty hefty pressure dings. I'm really meticulous with the care of my boards and stuff. Usually I don't leave them out in the sun, and I don't let them crack up and keep on the dings and stuff, so unless I break it out in the surf, you know, like I could have it indefinitely. It is the board that I ride most of the time.

2001 John Mel 6'2 surfboard

2001 John Mel 6'2 surfboard

Mark Herzog co-owner of Longbeach Surf Shop   Mark Herzog is co-owner of Longbeach Surf Shop on Campbell St in Tofino BC.

2001 John Mel 6'2 surfboard

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