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The Lords of Dogtown.  
A review by Ricky Long  

The Lords of Dogtown. A review by Ricky Long


Friday June 3, The Lords of Dogtown movie opens across Canada. Opening night for a movie about the superstars of 70's skateboarding!!! Hell yeah these are the guys that where on the posters that plastered my walls in the 70's. Skateboarder Magazine and my slim yellow K-Mart skateboard where my life! Tony Alva, Stacey Peralta, Shogo Kubo, Duane Peters, Steve Olson, Peggy Oki, Vicky Vickers and of coarse Jay Adams... these where the skateboarders of my era. So there it was opening night for the movie.... and what did I choose to do, I chose to go down to the local skateboard park and carve the bowl with my littlest daughter Rosie!

Saturday June 4, a few phone calls where made and I managed to round up an old Skatewave team dude from the 70's, a younger kook and my oldest daughter. We put on our nostalgic skate gear, Craig in his Alva vest, me in a Z-Pig t-shirt, and Coen in his Skull Skates thong, we mounted our skateboards and hit the road for an enjoyable street push to the movie theater! The line-up was long and we where worried we wouldn't get seats. All the normal people pointed and laughed at us as we staggered up (we are 40 year old men!) to the ticket booth with our skateboards to purchase our tickets. This was it we were going to see a movie about The Lords of Dogtown. Horray for Hollywood!

This is a story crafted from the real thing. Written by Stacey Peralta himself. It is a Hollywood movie but it still captures this cool era of skateboarding without going overboard. The movie was filmed with the 70ís feel and the set designs where amazing. The actors chosen to play Tony Alva, Stacey Peralta, and Jay Adams were believable. In real life there was three surfers that created the Zepher Team, Jeff Ho, Skip Engblom played by Heath Ledger, and Chris Stecyk. Jeff Ho was the owner of the Zepher surf shop but his character was non-exhistant in the movie. It seemed that Skip played both characters and again it worked well. The introduction of the character Sid was confusing me at first because he was never a skater that got mentioned in the old days, but as the story went on I feel he was a nice addition to round off the story. Skip was the guy whos parents owned the Dogbowl swimming pool that a lot of the Z-boys skated. In real life Sid did die of cancer so the movie was a nice tribute. A handful of the Z-boys where present in the film but the movies main focus was Stacey, Tony, and Jay. If you look closely from time to time you can see real skaters in this movie as bit parts Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, and even Tony Alva and Jay Adams. Jay Adams sells beer to the guy playing Jay Adams. The real Skip is a starting guy for a salom contest.

The skateboarding footage was great. I only hope this movie and all itís pool skating footage will inspire the new skateboarding community to start ripping up the bowls and pools more. Bowl and pool riding are still not big events at contests. The magazine stands are full of great skateboard magazines but again pool and bowl coverage is very minimal. Maybe this movie will change all this.

The Lords of Dogtown. A review by Ricky Long

My suggestion is that you watch the Z-boys and Dogtown documentary before you see the Lords of Dogtown. This movie was good but I still like the documentary better. If you want the ultimate coffee table photo book track down Dogtown - The Legend of Z-Boys by Stecyk & Friedman. I think the Z-boys have been exposed!!! I wonder whatís next on Staceyís plate! Us 40 year old kooks give the movie two broken thumbs up!

-rickylong jak.

The Lords of Dogtown. A review by Ricky Long








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