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a few words with Wade Fyfe at Vic West  

a few words with Wade Fyfe at Vic West

by Brandan. Apr 24, 2004

Brandan: Are the parks different from Vancouver than they are here?

Wade: No. Most of them and kinda like the same like Tsawwassen Park and Abbotsford, like you meet about the same people.

Brandan: Where did you grow up?

Wade: I grew up mostly in Edmonton but I lived in Calgary, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver now.

a few words with Wade Fyfe at Vic West

Brandan: Who are your sponsors?

Wade: Metric Skateboards, DC Shoes, United Clothing, Antisocial Skate Shop, Gold Wheels, Lucky Bearings, and Roughriders

Brandan: What motivates you to skate?

Wade: Probably like my friends, and just trying to have fun. Skating new spots. Trying to just learn new tricks. The best thing is rolling away from a trick you just landed when you tried for just so long.

Brandan: Competitions or no competitions?

a few words with Wade Fyfe at Vic West

Wade: I never ever usually enter competitions but I'm entering slam this year, so I don't know. I'm just going to skate and have fun.

Brandan: Who did you grow up skating with?

a few words with Wade Fyfe at Vic West

Wade: Like so many different people. In Edmonton I grew up skating with like Ariel Stagni. In Vancouver I skate with like Aaron Johnson, Ted Degros, so many people, Russ Milligan

a few words with Wade Fyfe at Vic West

Brandan: Really?

Wade: Yeah, Tony Ferguson, Mike McDermott, the list goes on. I have an awful lot of people to inspire me.

Brandan: How you feel about traveling?

Wade: Travel? I love traveling. Going to different spots is so fun. I've never really been anywhere except in Canada so I want to travel a lot more. Oh I've been to California I guess. I want to go to Europe. Everywhere.

Brandan: What way do you think you get the best exposure, from like videos and photos or what?

Wade: You just got to try to get coverage that will be exposed the most, internationally. Most of my stuff is Canadian so I'm hoping to start to try to get more international coverage in like Transworld or Slap.

Brandan: Is this the first time you've been on the island?

Wade: I went to Saltspring last summer with like AJ and Cyrus. This is my first time in Victoria.

Brandan: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Wade: Good question. I don't know. Probably more cultured and more traveled and have a wife and kids [laughs] no, I don't know. Hopefully doing something productive and hopefully still skating and is just having fun

Brandan: Awesome Wade. Thanks a lot.









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