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Kamloops Skatepark  

Kamloops Skatepark - May 2004k

WhaT iT is: concrete / outdoor /

LocaTed: McArthur Island Park, Kamloops BC

NoTes: The park has the best quality concrete I have ever rolled, anywhere in the world! It is mostly "Street" styled with flat banks, euro gaps, stairs, ledges and pyramid style fun boxes. There is one beautiful 8' quarter pipe which spines into a 3' on the other side for low commitment transfers. On the upper level there is a well waxed curved ledge that is often the spot where bags are dropped. This park has endless lines for all levels of rider and seemed to be refreshingly attitude free with cool and friendly locals.
» 2000 square metre

This park is definitely one to put on your list to hit up on your next road trip, but time it right because it gets stinking hot and there is not much shade!

This massive park is only in its infancy with another huge bowl style phase still in the books for the near future. The park is on an island (hard to tell) on the way out towards the airport in Kamloops. Bring your own snacks and drinks because there is no 7-11 anywhere near by!

DirecTions: » +50 41' 44.36", -120 22' 19.25"

Kamloops McCarther Island Skatepark - Photo:Finestone
Kamloops McCarther Island Skatepark - Photo:Finestone
Kamloops McCarther Island Skatepark - Photo:Finestone

this website wants your Kamloops skate photos & videos

Paul Couzens - bs 180 toflat @ Kamloops skatepark
- bs 180 toflat @ Kamloops skatepark
Paul Couzens @ Kamloops skatepark
WMVideo megs;
Paul Couzens @ Kamloops and Merritt skateparks Paul Couzens - kflip btail @ Merritt skatepark
kflip btail @ Merritt skatepark

the new kamloops bowl - photo:alex knott

the new kamloops bowl - photo:alex knott

  Fallen Canada Tour    May 12th to 20th, 2007


Centre Distribution and Fallen Footwear are proud to announce the

Fallen Canada Tour - May 12th to 20th, 2007

Look for: Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Tommy Sandoval, Tony Cervantes & Matt Bennett

  • may 12th - quebec city, qc - 6pm demo @ arena de sillery
  • may 13th - montreal, qc - 3pm demo @ south parc
  • may 14th - ottawa, on - 4pm in-store signing @ top of the world
  • may 16th - winnipeg, mb - 4pm demo @ the plaza at the forks
  • may 17th - edmonton, ab - 5pm in-store signing @ f.s. skateboards, west edmonton mall
  • may 18th - morinville, ab - 5pm demo @ morinville skatepark
  • may 19th - kamloops, bc - 4pm demo @ rotary skatepark
  • may 20th - vancouver, bc - 4pm demo & bbq @ the skate plaza

Kamloops Skatepark - May 2004k
Kamloops Skatepark - May 2004
Photos:Jeff Arnold Oronge Boardshop








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