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Waste of Money by NSA/DNA - 2003 skateboard  

Waste of Money

Waste of Money / VHS 30 min / 2003

Nanaimo Skatepark Assoc & DNA

DNA Skate shop.

NSA Nanaimo scene video.

It’s A Video, Fool!

Poured myself a stiff coffee and plugged in this little video on the Nanaimo skate scene. The basic format for skate video presentation is used on this video. No script with twist endings or riveting plots but what you do get out of the production is a blistering of rail slides, ollies, and kick flips. Yes the Nanaimo scene is alive and well. The title is "Waste of Money", this being a headline quote by the Mayor of Naniamo, about the development of a local skatepark. Well on a personal note maybe the mayor should come down and check out the anthill of a skatepark I have here in Victoria West! This park was definitely not a waste of money, let's just say the place is crowded. "You get out of your own way! It's my RUN!"

I sip my hot coffee and the video begins. I'm immediately treated to the ever so enjoyable barrage of wrist snapin, elbow grinding, nut crackin, and head konkin bails that seem to be so popular in the videos these days. I myself cringe at these misfortunes and sit through it to see the flow of the uninterrupted run. In the background the music pumps to the sounds of hip-hop/ rap and contemporary music and I’m taken to the parks and streets of Nanaimo. One of the first locals to be presented in this video is a chap named Lief Brooks. Ohh yes, I have met this guy and also had the pleasure of watching him shred my local park. Now I’m an older kook and think if the guys gonna get some airtime you better bend down and grab your board and give us a melon or a indy with style, and that’s what Lief presents in his segment. You also get a generous helping of Lief and his street performance, and it is a pleasure to the eye.

Logan White railslides up a storm and then proceeds to shred the bus stop benches off their foundation. Jay Z just shows style in schoolyards and does descent justice to the Naniamo streets. We are then beating around the street with such locals as Dan Biehler showing us huge acid drops into parking lots. Dan reminds me of Tony Trujillo in appearance with a little time the guy will probably be skateing like Tony also.

Tristan Lane made my head spin with his street domination and just to screw with my eyes he rail slides down a staircase to fall and wack his skull only to get back up and rail slide back up the rail. Either my coffee was too strong or the producer just hit the reverse button.... One scene shows this dude on this strange circular woopty-do type roof, and he's pumping it. It's hard to explain but if your a skater you know what it's like to drive around and look for skateable terrain, this gets full points for uniqueness and must be seen. Speaking of uniqueness in style, Colby Spence takes the cake and spreads it thin in a speedo or tight underwear… but check out the package on the dude. No wonder this guy spends so much time doin manuals and nose wheelies… he’s all front heavy. Dan Kelly, Brandon Foster, and Tyler White are all masters and just works the hell out of every edge, rail and coping they can find.

Pat Hooney gets the closing spot in this video and fills the screen with with a collage of tricks. He barks out a sick batch of rail slides, multiple stair ollies and an ever so beautiful nose grab to tail stall on a stylin graffiti bank. You gotta luv a video that ends in a big air to flat landing, then pans out with the skater layin flat out. Those hardcore Nanaimo dudes.

This video proves Nanaimo is full of some damb fine talent and is worth having in your collection. You can pick up a copy at DNA skate Shop for a mere $20. The $20 goes to the funding of the new skatepark in Nanaimo, which is under construction as you read this. Summer 2004 will probably spawn more skaters in Nanaimo and when the mayor drives down to the new skatepark I know he will stare at the anthill and change his mind about "Waste of Money".

Damn my coffees cold now…. Better go skate!

ricky long (old man pool carver)


Jordan McInnis
Tristan Lane
Colby Spence
Brandon Foster
Tyler White
Dan Biehler

Leif Brookes
Pat Hooney
Dan Kelly
Jay Z
Logan White

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