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UNited Riders Team Video - 2004 skateboard  

UNited Riders Team Video -  2004

2004 skateboard / DVD / 2004

UNited Riders Team Video

A copy of the United Clothing team video was slapped into my hand and the dude that gave it to me said "Watch this, check it out... you old kook!" I have been known to review the odd video so what the heck, this one's Canadian and it has a few familiar faces in it. United Clothing is a apparel company out of Vancouver and they have been plugging away at it for eight years. In their gear they claim to offer "Superior function matched with progressive style"! At the moment I look at my own present fashion and realize I might need some help from United. I am currently wearing my wife's rose patterned pajama bottom's and an old pair of Chuck Taylors complimented by a muscle shirt that is tight and shows my full gut figure.

Let us begin... this DVD is a blend of snowboarding and skateboarding footage. The soundtrack is mix of pumping hip hop, rap, and reggae, the sort that fits well. United have rounded up a healthy group of men to promote thier gear and this DVD shows em. First up is street artist Geoff Dermer who shows a full run of ollies, kickflips and manuals that make him worthy. Billy Gallagher also presents his foot full of street tricks finishing up with a kickflip crook on a handrail that can only be described as "SIICCKK." Simon Dasher gets in there with his street action. Then we are transported to the mountain snow where Mike Boucher helicopter twists a halfpipe, and rides a steel full pipe... on the top.

The music changes and you are watching Jimmy Miller and a tasty potpourri of locations from ramps, to parks to pools. Jimmy has a style that mixes the new school with a little Rodney Mullen and Tony Alva. Then it ends just leaving you wanting more Jimmy! Tory Goodall shreds up the streets & rails followed by Wade Fyfes stylin ollies and way long handrail slides. Wade finishes his footage up with the ole lady swingin the umbrella trick. Stash…. yes yes give em a mellon, and serves up some ever stylish ollie airs, Stash is AOK.

Back in the snowy mountains Mike Oshachuk blasts some huge powdery airs. Nick Samson gets into some deep powder backwoods action. Concrete is then crackin when John Baker kickflips up a storm and Roger Bruinsma literally destroys various skate parks. Then the music changes again and we are watching Danny Hagge in a North Van skatepark. Danny's line gives me goosebumps, he utilizes new school but carves, grinds, and airs the bowl like a KING! Another handful of snowboarders are presented and they all assault the snow and air with full adrenalin value. The final snowboard shot is a bodyslammer, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. Brian Werry fancy foots around the streets and Randy Monchalin finishes 'er up with some tech tricks over some death dropping overpass highway construction holes. Good thing his mom wasn't around!

This DVD seems a little short but it is full of some great snow/street talent. United Clothing has definitely selected some of the cream of Canadian-crop skaters and snowboarders to represent their clothing. I look forward to seeing if they have any rose patterned pajama bottoms or full gut figured muscle shirts in their future summer fashion line……

ricky long (ricky old kook bowl carver)


Jimmy Miller
John Baker
Geoff Dermer
Wade Fife
Danny Hagge
Chris Kendall
Simon Disher
Brian Wherry
Roger Bruinsma
Billy Gallagher
Will Dury
Tory Goodall
Randy Monchalin
Ben Davies
Justin Davies
Sebastien Desmariais
Nick Samson
Mike Boucher
Mike Osachuck
Jon Coleman
Darren Cingel
Brett Sanford








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