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Tuck it In by Nick Farrington - 2003 skateboard  

Tuck it In

Tuck it In / VHS 30 min / 2003

Ladysmith Skateboard Video

"Tuck It In" Ohhh Yeah man, Ladysmith and the most suicidal hills in the world! I was excited and filled with anticipation when this video entered my machine. There had to be some downhill action! "Tuck It In"

This video was filmed in a grainy format, which added character and worked well. Another formula type skate video featuring local Ladysmith BC skaters. I say formula because it seems many skate videos are just good music and way sick skaters, and thatís just what this video has to offer.

I do think it's great and it shows that if a small town like Ladysmith can produce a nice little video, every town should. Then when you go to your local skate outlet... you buy local, and leave all the big shots high and dry "Forget the DC Video or the America video" Give a little local guy your mooola! Well, o.k. maybe Danny Way has to be seen but still. I'll get off my soapbox now and get on with my review of this little rad flick.

You get 30 mins of kick flips, ollies, rail slides, and the likes! What the pros are doing is all alive and well in Ladysmith. The beginning shows a person in a copper hat that looks like Erica Em (an old VJ from Much Music) doing an ollie off a curb. Hahaha. The music starts and we get a collage of head konks, and falling down skaters. This song finishes with a TASTLESS scene of a couple of kids having a backwoods fight and outsider, chops Jacob in the head with his skate. Sorry I just feel this type of crap has to stop and should not be associated with my favorite sport. Skateboards are rides, NOT weapons!

The next song starts and the real fun begins. Kevin Young displays some sick gaps and an amazing feeble to 50/50. Tyler Mackie exhibits some fine kick flips, nice crooked grinds and a little hit of roof gap action. Nick Farrington sported some nice grassy embankment gaps into a parking lots. Brandon Soros did some amazing park skating with his shoelace undone. Jordan Mcinnis ripped some garden wall kick flips to the street and ended his part with some dancing and a spit. Scott Barnes displayed a melon grab air in a park & quot;my fave for what it's worth". Troy Stenmark gave us a way rad 360 kicks flip to manual. Drew McCuish will be givin the younger folks a challenge with his fluent execution of tricks. Lastly its Bill... every park has one of these guys, you know the guy who spazzes, throws his board, breaks his board and says that great word very loud. A handful of other skaters are featured and the street and parks are all terrorized. A guy named Andy rides his BMX just to make the park footage more real!haha. The end of this video is yet again a slapping of bails that we love so much. Just when you think you've had enough the video provides you with some jackass antics, gotta love seeing a guy in his gonch getting eggs thrown at him and a guy eating cat food. Support your local skaters! Hunt this video and watch it! When I finished watching this video I realized I never saw anybody tucking it in down one of the Ladysmith hills. I can only hope Iíve inspired those kids to do a sequel to this video.

ricky long (old man pool carver)


Jordan McInnis
Drew McCuish
Troy Stenmark
Kevin Young

Brandon Soros
Scott Barnes
Dave Mactier
Kale Ashton
Nick Farrington
Tuck it In - Ladysmith Skateboard Video View the Trailer
1min 23sec WMVideo 3.5megs

available from Nick for $10 * 250-245-2742








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