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Resist Control SkuLL SkAtES - 2004 skateboard  

Resist Control  SkuLL SkAtES -  2004

skateboard / DVD / 2004 / 50 min

Resist Control SkuLL SkAtES

Well, here I am on Christmas day in 2004 and Santa delivered me a DVD, and wouldn't you know it was the SKuLL SkAtES creation, Resist Control. I have just watched this movie from front to back... and I just watched it again. Do I like it???? Why Yess!!! And I didn’t believe in Santa!

It's a blast of black and white skate footage from the 60's and on. A walk through history … correction its a skate through history. One of Skull Skates motos has been “Skateboarding Leads To Harder Crimes” and this DVD has a slant in that direction. Skateboarding has had its times underground and still does for people who skate for a lifestyle not a trend. Skull Skates has that feeling about it and this DVD shows some of this feeling yet it still recognizes some of the great skaters on this planet.

You settle down in your seat and the music and visual stimuli makes you smile. It all starts in the streets of Montreal 1960’s with a slap of classic clay wheel skateboarding and police harassment!! The music takes you into the 80’s with some footage of my favorite skate team… The JaKs. The dust settles and we are back watching the 60’s sidewalk surfing with bare feet. The introduction of urethane wheels in the seventies develops a whole new world in skateboarding. Kids are riding faster and can be found on all new terrains. Classic Vancouver Granville St. bank footage is unearthed and your are left grabbing your ass as a guy in bellbottom jeans does a good four foot jump of the banks sitting on his skate. The urethane also brings out the wicked downhill footage. The kind of footage that I personally experienced as a kid in the 70’s…. Speed wobbles followed by huge steps off the skateboard, finished up with an endo that leaves you picking gravel out of the palms of your hands. The banks are left behind to show some old ditch and empty swimming pool skateboarding and the motion of pumping the transitions starts to take place. Some historic footage from 1979 Vancouver and the ribbon cutting for the Nelson St. half pipe. Classic footage of Mt Baldy full pipe and the ever strange turning point full pipe that was shaped so you could skate right upside down. The movie then takes a break from all the sik skate history to show you some early snowboarding shots. This chapter closes with a Hollywood chase scene on skateboards between a hunky skater and a mob called the Daggers and of coarse it ends with the good guy getting away…. F#$@+n Hollywood eh!

Then it was time to focus on some of the Skull talent that works the skateboards… Carlos Longo was undoubtedly one of the top skaters in Canada in the mid eighties and this is proven with a fully flowing run of lofty airs and torqued inverts down at the old Seylynn snake run in north Vancouver. We see Wee Ming Wong, Cory Cambell, as well as Christian Hosoi, some sweeet freestyle by Kevin Harris, into the future with technical new school wizards like Colin McKay and Moses Itkonen and then backflippin/barrel rollin Sluggo. It leaves you breathless and then the DVD coughs up some new footage of the old style masters, Steve Olson and Dave Hacket and just when that wasn’t enough we get to watch Tony Alva carve up North Vans Parkgate skatepark. Bill Danforth closes this section with a goose-bump raising run from bowl to bowl serving trick after eighties style trick. This type of footage just makes you hungry to skate! These are some of the finest wood pushers but HEY Mr. PD… “Where the hell was Duane Peters in all this???” Hardy har har… I would expect a good kingpin to the noggin if I had asked, Hey Mr. PD… “Where the hell was that Tony Hawk in all this?”… But Duane should have been on this flick!

The music is also a great mood maker while you watch this DVD. DJ Kilocee takes a handful of your favorite classic punk/new wave/rock hits and blends them with the repetitive hip-hop beats. This package comes with a bonus CD of music mix by DJ Kilocee. I do have to mention there is also a awesome video of Gang Green that’s takes me back to all that metal/punk/hardcore crossover skate-rock I loved so much as a youngster.

HARDCORE IT IS and just when you think it couldn’t get anymore hardcore you see some guy downhill bombing one of those hills on the Trans-Canada highway and he’s gaining on a 18 wheeler semi truck… does he pass it? Buy the DVD and find out! I’m gonna go and watch it again! Thanks Mr. PD.

ricky long

Resist Control  SkuLL SkAtES - 2004
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