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5mm Canada by Aaron Jackson - 1999 surfing  

5mm Canada

5mm Canada / 35 min / VHS / 2000

Aaron Jackson set the bar high with Canada's original surf video. 5mm Canada is filled with classic surf footage from both Canadian coasts featuring an amazing lineup;

Jesse Oke
Issaiah Oke
Sepp Bruhwiler
Raph Bruhwiler
Peter Devries
Jenny Hudnell
Eric Frang
Mike Stupka
Brian Kenny
Mike Beeibo
Lance Moore
Ian Jackson

Ryan Erickson
Chuck Dylan
Steve johnson
Sean MacDonald
Paul Cambelari
Rob Hollingshead
Jason Fever
Mike Redpath
Allister Fernie
River Mouth Mike

Great surfing on some epic west coast waves and east coast hurricane swell. Especially poignant are the interview sections with Jesse Oke.

Excellent helicopter snowboarding section featuring Matt Domanski & Kevin Young shot on the mainland coast mountains.

Jeff Raynolds will blow your mind on his longboard skate pushing @ 80km/hr and picking a little slalom line that uses black bears for gates. Special skate stunts by Aaron Leach.

watch the 5mm Canada Trailer quicktime & .wmv

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