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49 Degrees by Susanne Tabata - 2002 surfing documentary  

49 Degrees

49 Degrees / 49 min / VHS / 2002

Being a documentary, 49 Degrees is aimed at the non surfer and tries with more than a little success, to share the experience of surfing with surfer and non surfer alike. Susanne Tabata has risen above the regular media fare of stereotypical surfer dude, kalabunga, bullshit and tells our story by telling the stories of a few of Vancouver Island's surf families.

Long version of the CBC Roughcuts documentary exploring surf culture on Vancouver Island. This thoughtful and nostalgic documentary will give younger members of the BC surfing community some insights into the roots of local surf culture. Interviews with long established locals, competitive surfers and members of the BC surf industry give this documentary a well rounded perspective. Historic footage and photos open widows to the BC surf community's fondly remembered past.

the Bruhwiler family
the Oke family
the Sadler family
the Hudnell family
Peter Devries
Eric Frang
Rivermouth Mike
Donavon Ray
Steve Richey

Look for re-broadcast on CBC for years to come.

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