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Mick Fanning - 3 x ASP World Champion

BANZAI PIPELINE, Oahu/Hawaii (Saturday, December 14, 2013) -Mick Fanning (AUS), 32, has claimed his third ASP World Title today in epic conditions at the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons.
The final event of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) season, the Billabong Pipe Masters is culminating today in solid 10 to 15 foot (three-to-five metre) waves at the infamous Banzai Pipeline and Fanningís last-minute heroics in both Round 5 against C.J. Hobgood (USA), 34, and the Quarterfinals against Yadin Nicol (AUS), 28, has sealed his campaign for this yearís world surfing crown over an rampaging Kelly Slater (USA), 41.

"It wasnít easy," Fanning said of his morning Round 5 bout with Hobgood. "If you want to win a world title, you have to put it all on the line. I basically got flogged for 28 minutes of that heat before that gem came through. I heard from all the boys whistling on the beach and I knew it was going to be a good one when it came in. I got a roll in off of second reef and it set up for a really good section on first reef. Came through at the right time and that was definitely a magic moment for me."

Drawing compatriot Nicol in the Quarterfinals, Fanning once again found himself at a disadvantage early in the heat with his West Australian opponent racking up a number of high scores on his backhand at Pipeline. Needing an excellent score in the dying moments of the heat, Fanning dropped into on a second reef set, setting up for a tremendously deep backhand barrel before being spat out into the channel. With throngs of fans and media swarming him on the beach, Fanning awaited judgment of his final wave Ė a 9.70 out of a possible 10 for the heat win and the 2013 ASP World Title.

"The world title is something that takes a whole year, but sometimes it can feel like it boils down to the final day and the final heats," Fanning said. "Iím sure I gave my wife Karissa and my mum enough stress today to last a lifetime. I was never worried myself now that I think of it. I knew what I needed to do and if the opportunity came, I knew I could do it. That opportunity came in both heats today. Itís an incredible feeling. Iíve been having fun all year and to clinch on a day like this at Pipeline makes it that much more special."

MICK FANNING 2013 ASP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR RESULTS:Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Equal 3rdRip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Equal 5thBillabong Rio Pro: Equal 3rdVolcom Fiji Pro: Runner-UpOakley Pro Bali: Equal 5thBillabong Pro Tahiti: Equal 3rdHurley Pro at Trestles: Equal 9thQuiksilver Pro France: WINNERRip Curl Pro Portugal: Equal 5thBillabong Pipeline Masters: TBD

Slater followed up Fanningís clinching of the 2013 ASP World Title with a clinic in his Quarterfinals against Sebastian Zietz (HAW), 25, and was congratulatory of his Australian title opponent post-heat.

"Iím excited for Mick (Fanning) Ė it was an exciting finish," Slater said. "Mick has been focused all year. Itís hard for me to pinpoint exactly where my year didnít stack up. I got hurt in Tahiti and probably should have rehabbed more before Trestles. I didnít surf very well through Europe. A world title is a yearlong thing. It was a great year for surfing and Iím excited we get to wrap up in great waves at Pipeline."

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  Mick Fanning and FCS II system   


Mick Fanningís recent victory at the Quiksilver Pro has continued the success and momentum of the new FCS II system. Both finalists, Fanning and Medina, were running the new system, in fact, 6 of the top eight surfers from the event had FCS II installed in their boards.

The Quiksilver Pro marks the third consecutive World Championship Tour win for the new system that has only been in the market for a period of months. Mickís recent win follows premier performances from Taj Burrow at the Hurley Pro at Trestles and Sally Fitzgibbons at the Roxy Pro in France.

Avid Fanning fans may have noticed a new look fin in his boards. These fins were samples of Mickís new signature MF Large FCS II set that is due to hit the market in 2014. The new fin has the same template and geometry as the current MF-1, with the updated model taking on a more simplistic aesthetic.

"The new fins felt great, as did the system. I tend to stick to the one template and adjust my surfing to suit the waves. My equipment is spot on at the moment, my quiver feels amazing, and Iím convinced the new system is delivering better response from my boards".

Medina looked threatening in the lead up to the final heat, and as expected tried to gain the advantage using his amazing aerial repertoire. The Performer template, which is part of the new FCS II Essential Series fin range, was again Gabrielís preferred fin for the event.

Kai Otton and Filipe Toledo were impressive through the week finishing fifth and third respectively, as was the ever popular Julian Wilson who also finished with an equal fifth. While Kai and Filipe selected their fins from the Essential Series, choosing the medium size Carver and Performer templates, Jules was again riding prototypes of the new JW Large.

FCS II is fast becoming the new world standard fin system, and the preferred choice for the worldís best surfers. And with Mick now at the top of the World Championship Tour ratings itís highly possible the new FCS II system will claim a World Title in only the first year of circulation.

For more information on the new FCS II system and the Essential Series fin range visit

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  MISSING - A Taylor Steele Film   

MISSING - A Taylor Steele Film - ASP world #1 Mick Fanning's new film chronicles the true spirit of adventure

Some of the hottest stars in world surfing will appear alongside Mick Fanning in a brand new Taylor Steele film - "MISSING" - which puts the ASP World Champion in some of the most radical places on the planet. Hawaiian John John Florence, South African Jordy Smith, Californian Taylor Knox, Australian Matt Wilkinson and the legendary American Tom Curren all disappear with MF on the search for something different.

The project, which was directed by world-renowned filmmaker Taylor Steele, takes Mick Fanning out of the competition world of the ASP and drops him square into reality. "I wanted to work with Taylor and was trying to come up with a concept, but it all got too hard, I didn't need another thing to concentrate on as my life can be so regimented at times that I just said to him, you know what? You surprise me. I'll give you 21 days in July between events and whatever you want to do, I'm up for it."

From there the concept went undercover as Steele, Rip Curl and Garage Entertainment assembled the cast, the crew and the locations - all without MF knowing a thing. Basically, he would turn up on day one, be given a boarding pass and told to get on a plane. From there it was keep moving, keep being blown away, day- after-day layered with surprise.

"I was going on a trip to I don't know where, kind of like being kidnapped," he said, summing up the experience.

In Africa for stop one, instead of hitting the surf fresh off the plane like he usually would, he found himself trekking through jungles alongside armed guides.

"I thought, what's going on here? We're not going surfing. Right off the bat I ended up on top of mountain hanging with Gorillas. Face to face with these primates, in their world, not mine, and a long way from home."

But the surfing would come too, in waves not usually seen, and the style of it relaxed and open and free. Away from pressure of the 2013 world title hunt that Mick Fanning is very much at the forefront of.

In the wilds of Africa Steele linked him with local Jordy Smith and his long time Rip Curl team-mate Matt Wilkinson. In Ireland, he walked into a pub where his best mateTaylor Knox and wife Karissa were waiting with a pint of Guinness. In an undisclosed location, a chopper arrived and flew him and John John Florence to a secluded right hand reef for the day. In another jungle, waiting under a palm tree, off a big right peak, was the enigmatic Tom Curren. As a result the surfing is special and some of the best you'll see on screen this year.

"They did a good job on me, said Mick, kept me guessing, kept me searching. Taylor and our small crew of photographers were awesome. There's nothing we did not do for each other to make the project work. At one stage Taylor was in hospital and so sick, that we had to sneak in and steal him to get to the next location. But he did it, he was there driving it all along the next day."

The experience, literally, changed Fanning's life.

"I have done laps of the world forever. But here I was really travelling. In places people did not know me. Where they did not want anything from me. Where there was no schedule or timeline, only life. I felt like I was in the real world for the very first time and it made me so happy to see the world that clearly."

Taylor Steele says Mick Fanning was one of the best subjects he's ever worked with "Knowing Mick, there's a lot of layers to him that are not usually portrayed in the media and this is a great opportunity to show people what a great guy he is and what a great traveller he is too. I'm proud of the piece."

See more of "MISSING" during the Rip Curl Pro by Moche - Peniche/Cascais, Portugal - Oct 9 - 20, 2013

"MISSING" will be available on globally on Garage Entertainment, itunes and collectable DVD on Monday the 18th November 2013.

  30 Year Live to Surf logo contest Ė win an Xcel TD3 Wetsuit   closes Nov 30, 2013
30 Year Live to Surf logo contest Ė win an Xcel TD3 Wetsuit - closes Nov 30, 2013

Live to Surf turns 30 this year and are looking for a new logo. XCEL has partnered up to give the winner a new TD3 Drylock wetsuit.

  Surf Hardware International is pleased to announce the release of FCS II - The new world standard Fin System

Youíve probably heard whispers of it, well now itís here. Surf Hardware International is excited to announce the global release of the new FCS II System and Essential Series fin range. Set to become the new world standard in system technology and performance, FCS II is designed to accommodate all surfers; regardless of their age demographic, surfing genre, or the boards and waves theyíre riding.


The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting the three essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the fins. The new system boasts a number of key advantages over its predecessors. Firstly, the need for any screws or tool to secure the fins has been eliminated; the fins now simply lock into the plugs.

Secondly, the leading edge of the fin resides inside the plug, and the base of the fins sit flush to the surface of the board creating a more seamless connection. The final key feature of the new system is that itís backward compatible, meaning it will accept fins from the original dual tab system. Adding two grub screws and a small silicon insert allows you to secure your two tab fins into the new system.

When paired with fins from the new FCS II Essential Series, itís now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds. What youíll find when you ride the new FCS II system is more speed, drive, acceleration, and most importantly more response from your board, and that equates to better surfing! Our team riders have given the new FCS II system their personal tick of approval, which is validation from the best surfers on the planet.

THE FCS ESSENTIAL SERIES FIN RANGE Inspiration for the FCS Essential Series fin range came from surfers craving a family of fins that not only simplified the fin selection process, but could clearly deliver specific performance advantages.

By applying 20 years of knowledge working with surfers, shapers and experts in hydrodynamics, FCS has combined the essential elements of performance and design into four fin templates. The result is precision engineering in its purest form. Each fin has a purpose, and every design element has been infused into the fin for a reason.

How does the Essential Series range work?

The Essential Series fin range consists of 4 thuster templates and 3 quad templates, all of which are available in different sizes and constructions. Each template has been named to reflect the type of performance it delivers. Essentially a surfer chooses a fin template based on the waves theyíre surfing and the performance they desire, then they choose the correct size fin for their weight, itís that simple!

So, itís now possible to go ĎAround the World with 4 Finsí, and be perfectly equipped to surf any type of wave.

REACTOR: Fast reacting fin with an upright template for surfers who like performing tight radius turns in the pocket.
PERFORMER: Versatile template designed for surfers who like to strike a balance between speed and manoeuvrability with flow between turns.
ACCELERATOR: Functional template with flat foil on the side fins designed for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy & power.
CARVER: Elongated fin designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins, draw out their turns, and carve on the open face.

July marked the first shipment of the new FCS II system to some key manufacturers around the world, meaning boards, and the new Essential Series fin range, will start hitting stores by September 2013.

  Skull Skates Yard Sale   July 13, 2013

After Skipping a year, the Skull Skates Yard Sale is back by popular demand! Samples, discontinued items, skateboards, bicycles, clothing, excessories, new and used all at thrift store blowout prices.

Multiple vendors, buyers and sellers welcome in front of the Skull Skates shop at 3734 W. 10th Ave near Alma St. in Point Kitsilano. Saturday July 13, 2013 10AM til 4PM... No surly birds! More info 604-739-7796

  Just Add Water - Surf | SUP | Yoga - Tofino Weekend    February 8-11, 2013
Just Add Water - Surf | SUP | Yoga - Tofino Weekend - Feb 8-11, 2013 & March 8-11, 2013

  • Just Add Water - Surf | SUP | Yoga - Tofino Weekend
  • February 8-11, 2013 & March 8-11, 2013
  • Learn to SUP, Surf, and enjoy Yoga by the warmth of the fire!
  • A fully customized Yoga, SUP and Surf Weekend in Tofino on Chestermanís Beach. Practice Yoga by the fire place with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, learn to Stand Up Paddle alone pristine coastline and catch some waves with Catherine and Kristy! This weekend will rejuvenate your love of winter on the west coast and offer you an opportunity for learning, improving and a fun winter weekend on the beach! All skill levels and experience welcome!
  • 250 266 1997 | |

  iSupr8 - Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Limited Edition   iPhone & iPad App is FREE for a limited time

Vintage Video App iSupr8 Teams Up with Rip Curl
iPhone & iPad App Takes to the Beach

Hamilton, New Zealand- March 25, 2012 - In anticipation of the 51st annual Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach this Easter, MEA Mobile and Rip Curl have launched a limited edition free version of iSupr8. The app, available for the iPhone & iPad allows users to shoot a video, develop it with a special vintage treatment and share it with their social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook or via

"Weíre thrilled to be working with the makers of the worldís best surfing products and one of most recognized brands in the industry," said Bruce Seymour, Managing Director of MEA Mobile. "The app is free to download to help promote the 51st annual Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach." The Rip Curl Pro is longest running and most prestigious professional surfing contest in the world. The event takes place from April 3 to 14 in Torquay, Australia.

"This was a very cool opportunity to be involved with, because many of the Rip Curl Proís most memorable highlights were originally captured on super 8 film," said Dane Sharp, International Media Manager for Rip Curl. "We expect huge crowds at Bells Beach again this Easter and the Rip Curl version of iSupr8 will allow everyone to make and share their own memories from the event."

Klas Eriksson, lead designer at MEA Mobile developed a special video filter for the Rip Curl integration. "Thereís something about surfing and super 8 that goes really well together, so for the Rip Curl film stock I wanted to create a filter specifically designed to be used at the beach, saturating the ocean and blue sky. I added a dirty frame, scratches and grain for some extra texture and voila - 'Endless Summer' in your pocket". The brand customization also includes a unique branded countdown sequence which can optionally be added to videos and a custom themed camera case.

iSupr8 is available for Appleís revolutionary mobile products including: iPhone, iPad (including iPad 3), iPod Touch (4th Gen). Download the app, view sample video and more information at: or download directly through iTunes.

For a limited time iSupr8 - Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach - Limited Edition is FREE. Features Include:

  • Tru8: The Most Advanced Mobile Vintage Video Processor in the World
  • Free Rip Curl Limited Edition Film Stock
  • Free Rip Curl Limited Edition Camera CaseAirPlay Enabled for Apple TV
  • The Expectation of Stunning Footage

Tweet This: #RipCurl & #iSupr8 Promotion - Vintage Video #App #Free for a Limited Time .

The app can be downloaded here:

  Tofino Awarded Funds for Tofino Lighthouse Trail   

Tofino Awarded Funds for Tofino Lighthouse Trail Ė The District of Tofino has been selected to receive $14,150 through the TD Green Streets program towards improvements to the Peterson Drive access to the Tofino Lighthouse Trail.

The Peterson Drive trail access acted as a staging area for trail construction and was built up for this purpose into what is essentially a wide blast rock surfaced roadway, the aesthetics of which are not sympathetic with the rest of the trail. The District of Tofino will improve the trail access by bringing in native trees, plant species and soil materials to narrow the trail width to 3 meters and restore the land to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing state. The section of trail to receive this treatment extends for 135 meters, and then joins with the completed, main trail. Work is planned for the Spring of 2012.

Tofino made application to the TD Green Streets program in December 2011 and was one of 20 communities in Canada to receive funding. The TD Green Streets contribution will be matched by the District of Tofino, whose portion of the funding will come from the Resort Municipality Initiative and will not impact Municipal taxation.

  Sitkaís Mischa Davis   

Mischa Davis crowned 2012 Hyundai Longboard Tour Womenís Champion

Mischa Davis crowned 2012 Hyundai Longboard Tour Womenís Champion

Photos courtesy of PhotoCPL -

Mischa Davis crowned 2012 Hyundai Longboard Tour Womenís Champion

Sitkaís Mischa Davis has this past weekend been crowned the overall Womenís Champion at the final round of the Hyundai New Zealand Longboard Tour for 2012 at Port Waikato.

With weather conditions looking less than ideal for the entire North Island, the finals day of competition was postponed to Sunday where the sun rose warmly to show heaving surf which was going to prove pretty tricky with some big 6 foot plus sets closing out the bay. Longboarding has generally been pigeon-holed for conditions where waves are smaller and less than ideal for shortboarding but Sunday offered the perfect opportunity to bury this stereotype.

Mischa surfed her Hughes shaped board as if she was at her home break of Piha, some 50kms north and picking up the same swells. Her semi final saw her to be the only one in her heat brave enough to tackle the big waves out the back, yet after choosing the first wave of the set, having the remainder waves land directly on her head! The mermaid survived the heavy set hammering to make it through to the final, and this saw her hanging out the back again taking a wave to secure third place and generate enough points for her to take out the 2012 tour.

The 2012 tour has been a tight and exciting competition for the ladies, with the top 5 women all in contention to take out the tour coming in to the final round at Port Waikato. With Mischa kicking off with a win in Raglan, a 3rd in her beautiful home of Piha, a less than successful Sandy Bay LQS event with some tough international names surfing, and a 3rd place at Mount Maunganui she was leading the points table at the beginning of the Port Waikato round. Raglanís Alexis Poulter was hot on her heels nearing the end of the Sunday, but an unlucky semi final left the door open for Mischa to sneak through and clench the Tour title win.

  Quiksilver Canadian Surf Shop Video Challenge   January 1st 2012- June 1st 2012
Quiksilver Canadian Surf Shop Video Challenge - Jan 01 - Jun 01, 2012

Quiksilver Presents FROZEN MOMENTS A Canadian Surf Shop Video Challenge
January 1st 2012- June 1st 2012

All footage must be new and filmed in Canada
Videos should be between 3-5 minutes
Each video must feature your shop staff and team riders
Only shops that are authorized Quiksilver Wetsuit dealers may enter
You must have the rights of the footage to enter
Each team must register at :

The films will be screened on an outdoor 40ft screen in Tofino sometime in late June, specific location & date to be announced
Video's will be judged by voting on the Quiksilver facebook page based on creativity, editing, quality of surfing and overall impact

1st Prize:

  • A Trip for 4 to Tatchu Surf Adventures
  • 4 Quiksilver Cypher Fuseflex Wetsuits
  • 4 Cypher Heatvests
  • 1 Free SBC Surf Print Ad

2nd Prize:

  • 4 Quiksilver Cypher DS Wetsuits

3rd Prize:

  • 4 Quiksilver Syncro Wetsuits

  Epic Surf Photo Contest   
Epic Surf Photo Contest

Epic Surf Photo Contest

  Rip Curl's Flash Bomb wins SIMA Wetsuit of the Year   February 10, 2012


Costa Mesa, CA (February 10, 2012): Rip Curl is both ecstatic and honored to win the 2011 SIMA Image Awards' "Wetsuit of the Year" for the FLASH BOMB, which took place at The Grove Theater in Anaheim, California last night.

The award, which aims to recognize the wetsuit that "featured the most exciting design, appeal, or innovation", was a true credit to the Rip Curl wetsuit department who poured countless hours into the design, development, and perfection of the FLASH BOMB - the World's fastest drying wetsuit.

Boasting Flash Dry Lining, which wicks water from the interior of the suit within seconds of being exposed to the air, the FLASH BOMB is dry to the touch in roughly 15 minutes after surfing when hung up; hence, "Dry In A Flash".

Rip Curl would like to thank and recognize all the valued specialty retail partners nationally who have contributed to the success of the FLASH BOMB, as well as our world-class roster of athletes who have played a major role in the development process.

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