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Tyler Horvath, Taylor Ellison, and Jordan Kurucz in One Summer by Cortland Thibodeau
FilmCAN submission for Senior Category
This short film created to showcase our riding during the warmer months. Sure, it's nice to ride in a t-shirt and shorts but, in Canada, that isn't always the case.
Riders:Tyler Horvath, Taylor Ellison, and Jordan Kurucz
Song: White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes

It's entered in the FilmCAN contest with a chance for it to be played at the Victoria Film Festival. It needs a lot more likes on vimeo to be judged by the film jury, but it would be awesome if an action sports film was given a chance to be shown at the VFF.
One Summer was all shot in Port Alberni and areas surrounding Port Alberni. It's more of a town that is known by passing through to Tofino. There were a few trails around Sproat Lake and Beaver Creek. I shot with all locals of Vancouver Island, just trying to show that Port Alberni isn't just that pass through town. Taylor Ellison is from Victoria BC, Tyler Horvath and Jordan Kurucz I need around 200-300 likes on the video to be in the running. All people need to do is create a vimeo account on it takes around 30 sec to set up (no joke). The like button is on the top right of the video. If you could help me out with this that would be great!
Cortland - I'm a Grade 12 student at Alberni District Secondary School.

rider: Mike
comment/trick: Step Up
location/venue: Port Alberni
date photo taken: 2005
photographer: Koli Webber
Mike - Step Up - Port Alberni - 2005 - Photo:Koli Webber
Konrad - X UP - Parksville, April 11 2005 - Photo:Koli Webber
rider: Konrad
comment/trick: X UP
location/venue: Parksville
date photo taken: April 11 2005
photographer: Koli Webber

Konrad - Port Albern - Photo:Koli Webber
Konrad - Port Alberni
Lee Adams - Port Alberni - Photo:Koli Webber
Lee Adams - Port Alberni
Lee Adams - Vancouver - Photo:Koli Webber
Lee Adams - Vancouver
Photos:Koli Webber

Port Alberni - Photo:Kyler Vos
Mike Savard - Port Alberni - Photo:Kyler Vos
Mike Savard
Russell Mcbride - Port Alberni - Photo:Kyler Vos
Russell Mcbride
photos from Port Alberni by Kyler Vos

Lee Adams - Port Alberni drop Mar/13/2005 - Photo:Koli Webber
Rider: Lee Adams
Photographer: Koli Webber
Comment: Port Alberni drop
Date:March 13, 2005

Photo:Kyler Vos
Photo:Kyler Vos
Photos by Kyler Vos Photo:Kyler Vos
arrowsmith djs

ride Port Alberni
ride Port Alberni
ride Port Alberni
ride Port Alberni
ride Port Alberni

Charlie Maedel flying down Mt. Arrowsmith, Photo: Debra Maedel
Charlie Maedel flying down Mt. Arrowsmith
Photo: Deb Maedel








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