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my ass after bouncing off a south island reef
This is a photo of my ass after bouncing off and being dragged over a very shallow rocky reef on the south island. I thought this might be amusing to some people out there (including myself) add to the collection of war wounds. Sincerely, D

Clay Webb - rail to the face - Photo:Brian Liversedge

Clay Webb - after the lip launched the rail of my board into my face. Just missed the eye. Photo:Brian Liversedge.
Clay Webb - rail to the face - Photo:Brian Liversedge

Chris Gent after a day of heli-skiing in the B.C. interior - winter 2007

this is the aftermath of a day of heli-skiing in the B.C. interior from this past winter. Still not walking.
Peace out,
Chris Gent

Bobby's face meets Okinawa's  Zanpa Reef - Photo:David Higgins [grinder]
It was double overhead and toobing at Zanpa Reef, Here Bobby gets thrown over the falls and lands face first onto the surgeon's table. 25 stitches later and a permenant fear of Okinawa's reef.
David Higgins [grinder]

This is a photo of my mate Bruce after a heavy session at the same spot as below (photo of Steve Davies). One misjudgement getting out of the water and he got himself dragged up the pebble beach by his face. Slight concussion for my man. This photo is on my fridge for all my visitors to see! I call it "Snake Toungue". Brucie's a Ripper!
David McCallum
surf  photo by submitted by David McCallum

Jun/20/2004 Nanaimo weekend skate comp - Pioneer Park
Jordan's elbow - Pioneer Park

an Interview with Raph Bruhwiler

Raph Bruhwiler: I feel pretty safe in the ocean, I just kinda go for it. Iíve been cut before though, by my boards and by the reef. I donít know if Jer has told you that story about Australia, but we were at Kirra, we were shooting at Kirra and it was the only time there was actually swell the time we were there. I got 3 waves, and on my next wave I pulled into the barrel, and I was going, going, and then I got clipped; I was underwater and my board shot up and hit me right at the eye socket. The nose came up and gave me 4 stitches right underneath my eye, and 4 stitches above my eye; and I was bleeding all over the place, and I come in, and Jerís filming on the beach. Iím like ďJer, drive me to the hospitalÖĒ and I didnít know where any hospital was; I had a headache, almost passing out, and heís like ďoh, I donít know how to drive itĒ because it was a standard stick shift. So I had to drive around for half an hour looking for a hospital, bleeding everywhere, almost passing out driving, and Jerís just sitting there next to me. So we finally found one and I walked in. Heís actually got a picture of me right after that. I couldnít surf for a week, and thatís probably the worst injury Iíve ever had, I guess that was the most scared I ever got, just missing my eye with the nose.

I inherited "Seal Boy Nature's Mistake", a short smiley Anti-Hero skateboard two years ago. I proceeded to cover my body in road rash until I learned that the best way to proceed down hills on a shortboard was in a weird sort of drop-knee stance. Little kids laughed. Adults shook their heads. Julie patched me up.. and dressed my battered body.

Leif Brooke - Divot - gravel on the deck @ Quadra Island skatepark

Leif Brooke - Divot - gravel on the deck @ Quadra Island skatepark

Ben's knee - Sooke

Ben's knee - Sooke








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