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No River Gorge crag, Nanaimo  

No River Gorge crag, Nanaimo

No River Gorge crag

No River Gorge is located off Uplands under the transmission towers. The 7 bolted routes are 17 to 21m and include overhangs and cracks, reasonably good trails to the top.

directions: Leave the Nanaimo Parkway at Mostar Rd. Go east until you cross the old Island Highway and the road turns into Rutherford Road. Continue up the hill, through the lights on Uplands and take the first right onto Brookwood. Go to the end of Brockwood and park.

what could it be if not a pumping station
Hike the path to the left of the pumping station, along the bottom of the ridge for 225m. Follow a trail to the left that goes up on the ridge and then to the right along the top of the ridge. You will see the gorge and the crags beyond as you go. Eventually you will come to an opening and a trail that runs to the left and down into the gorge. A log takes you across the gorge and work back in the direction you just came from and along the base of the crags. Less than a 10 minute hike from the car.
No River Gorge rock climbing in Nanaimo BC, Vancouver Island, Canada No River Gorge rock climbing  in Nanaimo BC, Vancouver Island, Canada








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