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  • 5'11 JS Blak Box High performance board [photo] in great condition. 5'11x 19 3/4"x 2 3/8"
    - Ian - 778-881-7924 Vancouver (Feb/23/2018)

  • 5'11"/20/20&3/4 Seven surfboard [photo] Good condition, has had a few dings professionally repaired. great board, just not big enough for me. Asking $300 obo, need it gone!
    email - Xavery - 250-208-9629 Victoria (Feb/21/2018)

  • 7’4" / 19 1/4" / 2 7/8 Hotrod [photo] Bought this board in Vancouver a while back. Nose got dinged in a move. Needs to be repaired ($15?) but other than that pretty decent shape. Not surfin so no use! $200
    email - Natalie - Downtown Victoria (Feb/16/2018)

  • 5'10" 19.5x 2 1/4" Island Rhino thruster [photo] with fins (fcs 'the goods ')and board sock, shaped by Billy lynch 7/10 for condition, a few dings but water tight, nice a wide board, works in mush to head high waves, just don't ever use it any more $300
  • 5'6" 19 7/8 x 2 1/4" Anian Stub [photo] shaped by anian in Victoria, generates crazy speed in absolute mush, but handles over head surf. 7/10 a few minor dings, pressure marks, but water tight, comes with five fin set up (fcs) $400
    email - Dave - 250-897-5183 Campbell River (Feb/15/2018)

  • 7'6" GSI Modern Blackbird [photo] with FCS bag and Dakine leash. Ridden 5 times, bought it November thinking I would be able to go more but I have too many other hobbies. Basically new $775.
    email - Caleb - Victoria (Feb/14/2018)

  • 5'8" Lost Puddle Jumper RP [photo] 5'8"x 21 x 2.5 33liter Great Shape, no dings just compressions on the deck $600
    - Rob - 250-634-2732 Sooke (Feb/14/2018)

  • 6'2" Rusty Arc Angel [photo] 20.5"×2.5" @ 34.4 litres. Good condition, FCS IIfin system OAM traction. Has the usual heel dents but never any repairs. Asking $600 but open to reasonable offers or trade.
    - Chris - 250-884-8940 Victoria (Feb/14/2018)

  • 6'9 Kazuma [photo] good condition $450
    email - Curtis - Nanaimo (Feb/13/2018)

  • 5'7" Chanel Islands Neck Beard [photo] 5'7" 19 1/2" 2 3/8" 28 L. Good condition. $250
  • 5'11 Aftanas Project [photo] 5'11" X 19 X 2 3/8 28 liters. FCS2 Fins included. 400 or best offer, cheers.
    email - John - 778-689-1393 Vancouver (Feb/09/2018)

  • 6'2" X 18 7/8" X 2 1/4" Greg Webber AfterBurner [photo] OAM tail traction. 6'6" OAM boardbag included. asking $450
    email - Max - Courtenay (Feb/08/2018)

  • 6'8" Island Rhino Fun Gun [photo] This board has barely been ridden and is an awesome step up when there is some energy in the water. Hand shaped on Vancouver Island. A single fin setup and lots of glass makes this board a real looker and perfect for travelling. Bought it for a trip to Baja that was foiled by a hurricane. Don't want to see it go but. $650
    - Jason - 604-364-7995 Vancouver (Feb/13/2018)

  • 5'11 x 19 3/4 x 2 7/16 Semut Surfboards 'Small Axe' [photo] Great condition 5 fin future surfboard with a lot of volume 31L. Perfect for small to overhead waves, has a nice round tail to help drive speed and hold in steeper conditions. Ridden a few times but downsizing my quiver I come to the island Alot and can meet up.
    - Roberto - 604-351-8768 Vancouver/Victoria (Feb/17/2018)

  • 6'0x19.5x2.5 Al Merrick Double Helix Flyer [photo] Approx. 28/29 ltr. Parting with my much-loved board (evidenced with pressure dings). This has been my go-to travel board for years. Super fun and durable as hell. Lots of life left. Comes with stomp pad and fins. $250
    - Ashley - 250-415-6257 Sooke (Jan/31/2018)

  • 6'8 North west designs Scott Rowley 4 channel hybrid [photo] very tight lam. fast board v good condition thruster, twin +trailer, or keel. futures. easily float 200pds. 500obo
  • 6'6 Mark Richards twin [photo] fcs2.trailer, MR twins glass on. very good condition. 500obo
    email - pat - Sooke (Feb/24/2018)

  • 6'8 scott rowley surfboard [photo] and bag 350$ good condition
  • 6'8 surfboard [photo] and bag decent condition 300$
    email - sahra - 250-813-3181 tofino bc (Jan/29/2018)

  • 7' Aftanas Slim Jim [photo] Don't want to sell this beauty, but I have to. Brand new. Never seen water and comes with fins and a custom paint job. So sad to see it go. $800
    email - Al - (Jan/29/2018)

  • Surf package [photo] Board, suit, booties, gloves. Rip curl wbomb 5.5/4/5 mil.
    - Jd - Any questions text or call 250-893-0481 Victoria (Jan/29/2018)

  • 6' Sitka short board [photo] 6.0x20x7/16 31.8 litres Great condition. Still bright white with two professionally repaired dings. $300
    - Curtis - 778-772-8131 Victoria (Jan/28/2018)

  • 5’10 Firewire X Machado Almond Butter [photo] (5’10 X 20" X 2 5/8" X 35.3L) $800. Practically new (surfed <5 times). You won’t find this board in shops, it is a one off in the new Helium (He2) Construction Technology. Versatile short board design goes in variety of waves, squash tail, lots of foam, fun. Futures 5 Fin Boxes. Gorilla traction pad. Full disclosure: Barracuda fixed a small transport ding when i brought it home (before it got wet).
    email - Darcy - Vic West (Jan/28/2018)

  • 6'7 Fluid Juice high performance surfboard [photo] $275 Shaped by Adrian Phillips (6'7 x 18.5") - a very well regarded shaper (one of Europe's best shapers). This is a hi-performance / step-up / low volume shortboard. I had this board custom shaped as a travel board (strong glass job). Some pressure dents but in good ready to surf shape. FCS fins (fins included). Kelly Slater stomp pad. This board would suit a fit / good surfer in good waves (it would suit a more advanced surfer). Charge winter surf .... go hard in hollow and big swells. This is not a board for surfing small slop! Check out May be open to surfboard exchange / part-exchange.
    email - James - Nanaimo (Jan/24/2018)

  • 6'3 Firewire Flexfire FST [photo] $275. 3 smaller-than-a-dime professionally repaired dings, an insignificant (1/2cm) nose job, and some cracked lamination. It is the trustiest of steeds when dropping in on waves of consequence - it's very stable with a forgiving rocker, and it also carves through wave faces like a hot knife through butter. The parabolic stringer makes it incredibly strong (will never break). Fins included 6'3 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8
    email - George - 778-678-0804 Victoria (Jan/23/2018)

  • 5'7" Barracuda Fried egg [photo] 5'7" x 21" x 2 3/8". awesome high volume groveler with lots of float. easy to surf in any conditions. Blue tint with abstract bottom. fins not included. 370 obo
    - Thomas - Text for fast response 250-857-3738 Victoria (Jan/21/2018)

  • 7'6 Jerry Lopez surf board [photo] Great shape. Few minor dings and such. This board is a wave machine. Lots of volume. I surf shorter boards now. 600 obo. Want last priced to sell.
    email - Jay Anderson - 250-266-1967 (Jan/12/2018)

  • 5'2 Scott Rowley mini Simmons [photo] Funnest little board. Do you wanna go fast? Like really fast? Like I mean picture this.head high first peak, you’re out there. Frothing. You’re out the back. In the kelp. It’s your turn. Set of the day. The whole lineup is calling your name. Everyone on the beach is screaming. Even the sea lions are barking. You turn. You burn. You’re right on the boil. You get in early (this board gets into anything). You take off. Its a good one. You put everything into the bottom turn because the keel fins in this thing are Rock solid. you glide up the face and high line for what feels like an eternity. The speed generated from that high line is out of this world. But wait. Oh no. You’ve just dropped your wallet! Steezy loosey goosey roundhouse cutback into soul arch bottom turn to a cross step floater that even Mason Ho would envy. You kick out but lose your board because you’re a stupid no leash hipster. But it’s ok because you just go invited to the duct tape invitational. Oh yeah and you’re now the president of South Island. You’re welcome Good condition apart from chip on fin. $550 negotiable.
    email - Andy - (Jan/12/2018)

  • 9' Pacific Islands Wooden Longboard [photo] Good 600 obo Shaped locally by Chet Frost using reclaimed materials Comes with single fin and new fcs board bag This board is in great condition. Hard rails and lots of rocker Too get into big waves. Very monuverable. Very fun to ride Have too many boards, not enough storage.
    - Mark Pentecost - 778-352-2247 Sooke (Jan/12/2018)

  • 5'10" x 19 x 2 3/8 self shape [photo] professionally glassed by barracuda, good condition. Singlefin, quad or thruster set up $200
    - Nate - 250-505-7453 Victoria / Port Alberni (Jan/09/2018)

  • 510 Clayton V2 Egg [photo] $600 Thruster FCS Fusion. Board is Mint. The EGG V2 is the modern interpretation of the classic EGG.The beak nose packes the volume up front to help paddle into weaker waves. Flat entry rocker for better planing across the face of the wave. Think volume combined with performance and fun when riding this board. 5'10 -19 1/2 -2 5/8 = 32lts
  • 5'11 JackBrowne Local [photo] $600 Thruster FCS Fusion. Board is Mint. simple, fun, easy to ride, wave catching machine, floats me, paddles easy, easy to turn, a board I can duckdive Think volume combined with performance and fun when riding this board. 5'11 - 22 - 2 3/4
    - Doug - text only 250-240-9675 Bowser (nr Qualicum) (Jan/08/2018)

  • 6'2" Hypto KRypto want to trade for a 6'0" My board is as new. HAs too much volume. Would be interested in just buy a 6'0" from someone as well and keeping the 6'2" if need be
    email - lo - 250-514-5956 vicoria (Jan/08/2018)

  • 10' Boardworks Infinity Slater Trout SUP [photo] Super fun longboard style sup, catches waves easily or can be used by a lighter paddler for flatwater. Comes with a 2 plus one FCS 2 fin set up. $750
  • 7'11" x 27 Infinity SUP B Line [photo] Brand new, never used. Comes with 5 fin set up for thruster or quad. $2000 Check out for more details.
    - Norm - 604-848-8792 Squamish (Jan/08/2018)

  • 9’0 Harbour Habanero Custom Surfboard [photo] New. Named after the world's hottest chile, the Habanero blazes! Tighter turning, faster down the line but not for the weak - this board really packs heat. With the super pulled in nose and diamond shaped tail, the Habanero is ideal for big fast hollow waves. Advanced surfers riding larger sized waves! Board was custom ordered and has been in the water for 2 sessions. I don't want to ride it more to depreciate value as I paid $1800 but I feel it isn't quite right for me. DIMS- 9’0 x 22 ¾ x 3" and nose channels have been softened, diamond tail. Comes with future side bite fins and center harbour fin. Asking $1600. Firm. The board is absolutely stunning.
    Jan/07/2018 - Candice - 250-889-0833 Tofino (Jan/07/2018)

  • 5'9" Surftech swallowtail [photo] 18.5" wide A floaty board for its size, surfs well in the waves around here. Nice rocker for getting into waves easily. It's in good condition, no cracks or water damage. Comes with fins and Dakine leash. Priced low because I just want to sell it without negociating price. If interested let me know.
    email - Alex - Victoria/ Oaklands (Jan/02/2018)

  • 5'10" Stretch Thing [photo] EPS build, not poly. I bought this board and surfed it a few times before getting injured. Collecting dust so it's time to sell it. Comes with the stock fins and can be set up as a thruster or quad. I don't know the exact volume but I can tell you it has some foam in it.
    Jan/07/2018 - Byron - 250-858-1493 Langford (Jan/07/2018)

  • 6'1" Al Merrick Surfboard [photo] Great condition, no dings, perfect for those winter surf missions or overseas barrell hunts.Downsizing my quiver. dimensions 6'1' 18 5/8 2 3/16. Asking $275
    email - Andi - 250-888-1690 Tofino or Comox (Jan/07/2018)

  • 7’6 Sitka [photo] fins included. Thing is a beauty. Some minor dings but everything repaired professionally. Just looking for a new smaller board but thing is good for beginners and is great on larger waves too. Asking $650.
    email - JP Sargeant - 250-888-0912 Victoria, BC (Dec/16/2017)

  • 5'5" x19x 2&5/16" Dumpster Diver [photo] with honey comb fcs fins 6'3" travel bag- used, works perfect. water tight $350
    - Dale - 604-989-0336 Courtenay (Dec/31/2017)

  • 7'0" Al Merrick/Channel Islands board [photo] TuffLite construction 21" wide Good condition - Has some professional ding repairs where the colour match wasn't 100% but otherwise in very good shape. Fins included. $400obo
  • 6’6" Walker [photo] 6’6" x 16.65" x 2.25" 2002 Good condition Fins included $250obo
    email - Rich - 77eight53383fivefive Victoria (Dec/07/2017)

  • 5'8" Slater designs Sci Phi with LFT tech [photo] 5'8" x 19" x 2 7/16" 27.7L Surfed a bit still in really good condition. Super fun board! 500$ ONO
    - Felix - 250-885-9489 Victoria (Dec/06/2017)

  • 8 ft northwest by Scott Rowley [photo] Brand new - never used Brand new bag as well $1100
    email - Anna - 250-216-4224 Victoria (Dec/05/2017)
r u b b e r

  • 5/4 hooded Ripcurl Flashbomb Size Small Like new condition, Worn about 5 times $200
  • 7mm Flashbomb boots size 9 great condition $30
  • 3/2 Flashbomb gloves Size small great condition $30
  • FCS changing poncho Never used (retail 79.99) $30
    *All prices OBO, will do package deal
    email - Riley - 250-886-5651 victoria (Feb/16/2018)

  • Ripcurl Fbomb 6/5/4 men’s medium hooded Wetsuit [photo] Good condition. Two repairs with Aquaseal. Very warm even in middle of winter! $150 OBO
  • Xcel Infiniti 8mm Booties size 10 [photo] fits like size 9. Worn 5 times. Lots of life left $40 OBO
  • Billabong Gloves Medium 5mm [photo] Still lots of life left too $30 OBO
    *All items rinsed with fresh water after every surf
    - Jate - Text or call 778-318-5244 Victoria (Feb/16/2018)

  • 5/4 Xcel Iconx LS wetsuit Good $100
    email - Sean - Sooke (Feb/16/2018)

  • mens Small 3.2 Xcel ultrastrech full wetsuit [photo] Good condition 100
    - Dani - 415-301-9750 SF / Vancouver (Feb/14/2018)

  • Xcel drylock Size medium In descent shape. The wrist cuffs are a little tired but the rest of the suit is in good shape. I always rinsed it out after every surf. $150
    email - James - 250-661-2364 Colwood (Feb/07/2018)

  • Women’s size 6, 2mm Matuse Sophie wetsuit top, [photo] Long sleeve, no hood. Worn only once or twice and is in new condition. Originally $150 asking $65
    - Jolene - 250-216-8111 Victoria (Feb/03/2018)

  • woman hotline medium wetsuit [photo] good condition $100
    email - sahra - 250-813-3181 tofino bc (Jan/29/2018)

  • 8'6" Dakine travel surfboard bag [photo] with wheels. Fits 6 boards $100
    email - James or Janna - Squamish (Jan/14/2018)

  • Patagonia size 10 booties [photo] used a handful of times, too big for me, had a friend grabbed them in Oregon. 65$ Worth over a hundred bucks
    email - Jf - Jordan river (Jan/05/2018)

  • Size S Xcel explorer 5/4 [photo] no hood, surfed maybe twice. Perfect condition! 50$
    - Felix - 250-885-9489 Victoria (Dec/04/2017)

a c c e s o r i e s

  • o

w a n t e d

  • Seeking Future fin box installation jig Up for buying, renting or borrowing. Thanks!
    - Tristan - 778-679-6681 Victoria (Feb/22/2018)

  • Wanted Womens size 4 4.5 Wetsuit Hooded Size 5 womens booties 7mm Small womens gloves 5mm If it's all Hotline i would be stoked.
    email - shannon - (Feb/13/2018)

  • Wanted - Channel Islands Waterhog [photo] 7-10 tuflite surfboard. Will pay up to $1000.
    email - Kristin - (Jan/20/2018)

  • Wanted:Longboard upwards of 8'2" [photo] Want to trade my 2008 Kona Stab Deluxe Size Large in excellent condition. Email me questions. Might be willing to come to the island for the right board.
    email - Kieran - North Burnaby (Dec/29/2017)

Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
email - greg

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