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  • 7’6 Sitka [photo] fins included. Thing is a beauty. Some minor dings but everything repaired professionally. Just looking for a new smaller board but thing is good for beginners and is great on larger waves too. Asking $650.
    email - JP Sargeant - 250-888-0912 Victoria, BC (Dec/16/2017)

  • 5'11 x 19 3/4 x 2 7/16 Semut Surfboards 'Small Axe' [photo] Great condition 5 fin future surfboard with a lot of volume 31L. Perfect for small to overhead waves, has a nice round tail to help drive speed and hold in steeper conditions. Ridden a few times but downsizing my quiver I come to the island Alot and can meet up.
    - Roberto - 604-351-8768 Vancouver/Victoria (Dec/15/2017)

  • 5'5" x19x 2&5/16" Dumpster Diver [photo] with honey comb fcs fins 6'3" travel bag- used, works perfect. water tight $350
  • 5'9" x 19"x 2&3/8" Aftanas Option [photo] no fins sorry. 6'3" travel bag- used, works perfect. water tight $350
    - Dale - 604-989-0336 Courtenay (Dec/13/2017)

  • 6'3" Channel Islands Black and White thruster [photo] 6'3" x 19 3/4 x 2 1/2 33.8L $700 Really nice shortboard with good volume. I used it about 8-10 times and it is in great condition (no dings). Paid $1100 for it. I have a similar board in my quiver, so looking to sell this board to pick up a fish or bonzer. Fins are FCS. For $20 I can toss in a leash and fins
    - Tyler - 250-532-3904 Victoria (Dec/12/2017)

  • 7'0" Al Merrick/Channel Islands board [photo] TuffLite construction 21" wide Good condition - Has some professional ding repairs where the colour match wasn't 100% but otherwise in very good shape. Fins included. $400obo
  • 6’6" Walker [photo] 6’6" x 16.65" x 2.25" 2002 Good condition Fins included $250obo
    email - Rich - 77eight53383fivefive Victoria (Dec/07/2017)

  • 5'8" Slater designs Sci Phi with LFT tech [photo] 5'8" x 19" x 2 7/16" 27.7L Surfed a bit still in really good condition. Super fun board! 500$ ONO
    - Felix - 250-885-9489 Victoria (Dec/06/2017)

  • 8 ft northwest by Scott Rowley [photo] Brand new - never used Brand new bag as well $1100
    email - Anna - 250-216-4224 Victoria (Dec/05/2017)

  • 8'10" Sunova Speeed Light weight performance surf sup [photo] . 29 1/8" wide and 130 litres. The board was damaged in shipping and repaired professionally by Stefan Aftanas in Tofino. With repair, not as beautiful as original but good to go. Comes with 3 new stock fiberglass fins. Shaped by Bert Burger. This is Sunova's best selling surf sup. It catches waves easily, is quick down the line, and carves beautiful turns. $800 or best offer. RSP rail tape and RSP hexatraction for nose riding.
  • 8'10" Sunova Speeed Light weight performance surf sup. 29 1/8" wide and 130 litres. in pristine condition for $1500. RSP rail tape and RSP hexatraction for nose riding.
    * I want to keep one of these boards and sell the other. Here are links to a couple of reviews and videos.
    - Bob - text me at 778-229-6624 in Tofino but could bring boards to Vancouver (Dec/05/2017)

  • 9 foot 8 in [photo] Beautiful, light blue Canvas longboard. , PU construction, glasses in single fin, no option to mount a leash. Purchased in Cali two months ago and surfed in Mexico. Intended to ship it back to New Zealand but shipping was a lot more expensive than i expected. Board is approx 18 months old, with one small professional repair in the nose. Super responsive at turning and easy to walk. Asking for $1000. Message me for more images or a viewing.
    email - Matthew weir - 208-970-7508 vancouver (Dec/02/2017)

  • 5'9 x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 29.7L Channel Islands Sampler [photo] 5,9 x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 Channel Islands Sampler. Good condition. Few minor dings. One fin plug replaced. $450 OBO
    email - Cam - 250-893-4470 Victoria (Dec/07/2017)

  • 6'7 Fluid Juice high performance surfboard [photo] 6'7 Fluid Juice high performance surfboard [photo] $325 (or best / nearest offer [open to negotiation]) Shaped by Adrian Phillips (6'7 x 18.5") - a very well regarded shaper (one of Europe's best shapers). This is a hi-performance / step-up / low volume shortboard. I had this board custom shaped as a travel board (strong glass job). Some pressure dents but in good ready to surf shape. FCS fins (fins included). Kelly Slater stomp pad. This board would suit a fit / good surfer in good waves. Charge winter surf .... go hard in hollow and big swells (this is not a board for surfing small slop)! check out May throw in a travel bag for another $25 (negotiable). May be open to surfboard exchange / part-exchange.
    email - James - Nanaimo (Dec/13/2017)

  • 6’3" Superbrand supermodel [photo] $325 Just a good shortboard. Best on good waves with some shape. Has been my go to during the shoulder season over the past few years. Thinning out boards to make room for a more diverse quiver. From their website: Supermodel is an easy and perfect board for surfing the line in decent waves. Just put pressure on the edge as it does the rest. Very sporty she is sharp and fast. You can order it one inch shorter and ¼ inch wider. 6’3" x 19.5" x 2.5 32L Hip rounded square tail Single to double concave subtle V off the tail low rocker Future Fins
  • 6’0" JC Hawaii Sing ray [photo] $100 I bought it years ago to try a new shape without spending too much money. Water tight and have ridden it many times over the past few years. Rides well on anything you throw at it. 6’0" x 19.15" x 2.3" 31L Low Rocker Future Fins
  • 6’2" Tamba - The Squish [photo] $325 Got the board in Kauai a few years ago. Good all rounder and have ridden in everything from knee to well overhead. 6’2" x 20.5" x 2.5 33.5L Low Rocker Future Fins
    - Derreck - 604-842-9652 Vancovuer (Nov/30/2017)

  • 6'2 Hayden Shapes - Hypto Krypto [photo] 6'2 x 20 3/4' x 2 2/4' (38.39L) $900 New condition. Never Used. PU version with Future Fin set up. Save $100 on the Future Flex version plus over $100 on sales taxes. On Island but may be able to get board to Vancouver.
    - Chad - 250-686-5566 Victoria/Nanaimo (Nov/27/2017)

  • 5'9 x 19 x 2 1/4 Barracuda 'Mega' [photo] Only surfed a couple times Great condition Thruster fin setup $500.00
    - Kyle - Call or Text 250-893-1272 Victoria (Nov/26/2017)

  • 7'9 Bic surfboard [photo] Polyethylene outer shell. Polyurethane foam inner core (super durable). Bought in Tofino this summer from a surf instructor. Super great beginners board (it's the one's they rent out). Good used condition. Dings are unremarkable- nothing near damaging to the performance. Comes with fins, leash and bag. 400$.
    email - Meghan - Message me for more pics or info 250-540-6394 Victoria/Sooke (Nov/25/2017)

  • 5'8" Puddle Jumper Lost Mayhem [photo] 5'8" x 21.5 x 2.63 36.8L Great board helped progress my surfing just picked up something new. No real issues only a few compression dings No fins or leash. $750
    email - Cameron - Vancouver (Nov/21/2017)

  • 5'11 Aftanas Project [photo] 5'11 X 19 X 2 3/8 28 Liters. Great performance surfboard. One repair by Aftanas himself. $400 OBO
    email - John - 778-689-1393 Vancouver (Nov/20/2017)

  • 6'1" Al Merrick Surfboard [photo] $275 6'1" 18 5/8 2 3/16 Channel Islands Rookie, great condition! Downsizing my travel quiver, only few small pressure dings, perfect fall stick or for those winter barrell missions.
    email - Andi - 250-888-1690 Tofino or Comox (Nov/16/2017)

  • 9'6 Takayama Beach Break model [photo] absolute mint condition ridden 3 times 9'6x 22'3/8x2'3/4 comes with black glass futures side bites and true ames performer centre fin. For more info check it out at $1650
    - Simon - 250-266-1049 Whiskey Creek (Nov/17/2017)

  • 7'11" x 27 Infinity SUP B Line [photo] Brand new, never used. Comes with 5 fin set up for thruster or quad. $2000 Check out for more details.
  • 10' x 29" Infinity SUP Slater Trout [photo] 2 + 1 fin set up. In good condition. $900.
    - Norm - 604-848-8792 Squamish (Nov/15/2017)

  • 5'10" Stretch Thing [photo] Excellent condition and barely used. Stomp pad and stock fins come with. $400
    - Byron - 250-858-1493 Langford (Nov/11/2017)

  • 6'1 Webber performance shortboard [photo] 6'1 18 1/2 2 1/4 (approximately). Epoxy. A couple of very tiny dings repaired, otherwise is excellent shape. I am on the island often. $250 obo.
    email - Anthony - 250-360-6593 East Vancouver (Nov/15/2017)

  • 5'8 Hypto Krypto Haydenshapes magic wave catcher. [photo] Great Condition 8/10. Carbon rails. Asking 400 obo. Comes with new 120 dollar fcs dayrunner bag and awesome futures medium size.
    - Ryan - 250-217-5502 Vancouver (Nov/09/2017)

  • 5'10" Channel Islands Biscuit Bonzer [photo] Brand new board. surfed twice. Sweet ride, almost as fast as my quad fish, but better performance in the pocket and off the top. Just not enough volume for this old guy. should've got the 6'0'. I spent $1200, for you $800 firm
    email - Tom - 250-507-3321 Victoria, but I'll have it in Ukee Nov 10-13 (Nov/09/2017)

  • 6'0 JS electro [photo] 6'0, 19 1/8, 2 3/8 good condition, one ding professionally repaired 275$
  • 6'2 Channel Islands Tknox [photo] 6'2, 18 7/8, 2 5/16 professionally repaired 275$
  • 6'3 Barracuda lip smacker [photo] 6'3, 19 professionally repaired 225$
  • 6'3 Barracuda [photo] 6'3, 19 professionally repaired 150$
    email - damian - victoria (Nov/07/2017)

  • 5'11 super7 ausssie fish [photo] Good shape, a few minor professional repairs. 5'11/20/20&3/4 guessing around 33-34L comes with stomp pad and fins $350
    email - Xavery - 250-208-9629 Victoria (Nov/06/2017)

  • 10’ Infinity Longboard [photo] Excellent condition. $800 OBO.
    - Kees (Case) - 250-896-5121 Victoria or Jordan River (Nov/05/2017)

  • 6' Aloha Magic Mushroom Performance board [photo] Comes with Stomp Pad but not the Fins. I can throw them in for the right price.
    email - Aaron - 250-734-3487 Nanaimo (Nov/05/2017)

  • 7'0 Jean Noel [photo] 7'0 Jean Noel $250 7'0 x 20" x 2.5" Used board in good enough shape. A few pressures on both sides, and a fully repaired crack near the tail. Watertight; good size and volume for catching waves easily. (Moving to a shorter board so want to sell this one)
    - Jack - 416-712-6746 Tofino/Victoria/Vancouver (Nov/10/2017)

  • 5'5" × 18.5" × 2.5" [photo] Surfboard 280 obo Shaped in Ireland, very good condition. Traction pad is very new, one ding on the nose that has been repaired but has a super tiny crack on upper right rail. 5 fin insert so you can choose between quad or thruster.
    email - Jamal Issa - 250-922-4934 Saanich (Nov/04/2017)

  • 5’10 Channel Islands #4 [photo] 5’10, 20, 2 9/16, 32.1L. Great board for any conditions. Fins and stomp pad included. $350
    - Ray - 778-861-2988 Nanaimo (Oct/28/2017)

  • 6' quiet fight [photo] 18.5" wide 2.2" thick. Minor professional repairs and ready to surf. with fins and stomp pad. 300$
  • 6' x 19"x 2 3/3. Not sure the name [photo] Good shape but Minor hole. It's dry and warm ready to patch. with fins and stomp pad. 250$
  • 5'10" rm [photo] 18 1/4"wide x 2 1/4" thick. Minor hole but dry and warm. with fins and stomp pad. 250$
  • 6' Dakine bag in great shape. 50$
    * 600$ for everything if all in one sales. I would consider a trade for a 7'-8' board with lots of width and volume if it is in great shape and water tight. I will be bringing them on my trip to tofino next weekend to trade or sell them. Thanks
    - Tyler - Text 250-507-5294 Sooke (Oct/22/2017)

  • 5'6" Superbrand Fling Surfboard [photo] 5'6" 20" 1/4 x 2" 5/8. Excellent condition, no dings, great board that can surf the mush or stands its ground in overhead waves. Board has had maybe 12 surfs on it. Asking $600
  • 6'6" Mark Richards (MR) Gullwing surfboard [photo] 6'6" x 19" x 2" 1/2. Great condition, minor dings in the bottom, great board for someone looking at getting onto a shortboard, or for a surfer that's after a bit of a step-up. Board comes with FCS G-Am fins. Asking $300 OBO
    - AJ - 604-815-3819 Squamish (Oct/17/2017)

  • 7'4" modern double wide [photo] Been in The water 6 timesish. Epoxy, hence no dings. Comes with bag leash and find. $650
    email - Mike - (Oct/17/2017)

  • 6'10 NWSD 2 plus 1. 'the juice extractor' [photo] showroom condition. for better and larger winter surf (glassed strongly. made to last). over $1000 new, plus includes a hobie 7" glass fin ($100 value). you save over 300 plus taxes for letting me have 2 surfs on it (waxed and ridden twice)! looking to get $800 and I'm not flexible on the price so if you don't want to pay $800 don't contact me please.
    - bryce - 250-266-0637 tofino (Oct/13/2017)

  • 6'2" Dylan shapes cosmic demon [photo] with FCS fin system 6'2"x 20 1/2"x 2 1/2" @ 34L Excellent condition. Used for a couple months on a trip to Indo. The board comes with fins,traction and a day bag for $500! Would also consider a trade
    email - Chris - 250-884-8940 Victoria (Oct/13/2017)

  • 9'1" Surftech Bear Boards Beau Young Edition longboard [photo] 2008. 9'1"x 22.5" x 2.38" Surfed maybe 12 times. In almost new condition, no dings. It's been sitting in storage and needs to be on the ocean. Serious inquiries only. $1200 firm. This board was $1800 new. 'This is the exact same board that Beau rode to victory in the 2003 World Longboard Championships. With a flatter rocker, this board goes well in anything but it will really start to shine in long, peeling waves. A great board for pointbreaks and slow, grinding beach breaks. The lightest of all longboards and the quickest, most responsive board on the market. Tough as nails and virtually indestructible. Catches every wave, is very responsive and quick. I've used it in 1ft waves and overhead. Turtle rolls easily and punches through white water to get you out the back very easily.' That's a pretty good description from the web. The board is an absolute joy to surf. Leash, fin and bag included. Heck it even has a great wax job so it's ready to surf! It's at my office in Olympic Village so daytime is best.
    email - Stephan - 604-880-6887 Vancouver (Oct/11/2017)

  • 7'8" x 21 3/4" x 2 3/4" Switchblade Surfboards Epoxy, Quad Fin, Rounded Diamond Tail, [photo] custom hand-shaped in Vancouver. Fun versatile board for any conditions. Recently fully repaired by board medic and in good condition. Photo is of the incomplete board being shaped. Color is green / white though paint job has been heavily impacted by previous board repairs. $380 includes fins.
    email - Terry - 778-252-0144 Tofino (Oct/03/2017)

  • 5'11 Hayden Shapes love buzz [photo] 575$ Awesome Board, lots of fun few very minor pressure dings. Hip squash tail 31.2L volume epoxy board, thruster set up. Only selling as I have my eye on something else and I no longer need this. No trades cash only dims in photo. Includes a set of captain fin co futures - 525 without. No leash, cheers X-Posted
    - Kolton - text with any questions 250-804-9598 Victoria (Oct/01/2017)

  • 10' 0 Josh martin glider [photo] 1000.obo
  • 10' 0 Island surf co noserider [photo] 1000.obo
    email - dave - 778-425-0047 sooke (Oct/05/2017)

  • 5'10" JC epoxy TL2 [photo] good condition surfed 10 times approx. 29L $225 OBO (see photo for dimensions)
  • 6'1" Channel Islands Flyer Epoxy Tufflite [photo] approx. 31L $200 OBO good condition
    email - Matt - 604-202-4889 Vancouver Area pick-up (local) only (Oct/03/2017)

  • 6'8" ATL custom rounded pin [photo] fast. $225 This board slices beautiful lines on open faces and has enough volume to get you in earlier in all kinds of surf. One rail ding and a nose repair, both professionally repaired and watertight. Couple pressure dings. Too many boards so this one's gotta go! 6'8" x 18 2/12" x 2 1/2"
    email - Matt Johnson - 250-609-0199 Sooke (Sep/26/2017)

  • 5'4" sweet potato [photo] with controller fins $450.00
  • 6'6" black beauty [photo] near new $500.00
  • 5'2" pap he'e nalu [photo] from kauai for groms $150.00
  • 5'?" soft top kids beginners board [photo] $100.00
    - Tony - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Sep/25/2017)

  • 6'2" Local motion [photo] 6'2"x19x2 1/4 Good overall condition $200
  • 5'10" Lost sub scorcher [photo] 5'10"x 19.25x2.38 with pad fins and bordbag
  • 6'0" Lost Stealth [photo] 6'0"x19.25x2.30 With fins pad and bord bag $175
  • 6'0" Tuflite [photo] 6'0"x19.5x2.4 With fins Was broke and repaired by barracuda $50
    email - Travis - Sooke (Sep/21/2017)

  • 6'4" FireWire sub moon [photo] Ridden once. As new. All specs in photo 800$
    email - Ian - text 250-726-6566 Ucluelet (Sep/17/2017)

  • 6 ft 0 DVD Erik Frang pro model [photo] dimensions are 18 5/8 inch wide by 2 1/8 inches thick comes with fcs g3 fins and tail pad grip deck board still has some life in it lots of a few unrepahred digs lots of delamination s but for $100 you can't go wrong that's the same board in the action
  • 5'10 Channel islands [photo] 5 ft 10 grovele 20 inches wide 2 9/16 inch thick 33litres vol comes with fins and tail stomp pad board in great shape near mint $375 firm
  • 9 ft 4 Channel islands long board [photo] with leash and fins in great shape $800 firm don't waste my time with a million questions or emails either your serious or not so don't waste my time thank
    email - Ty - 250-580-1418 Victoria (Sep/11/2017)

  • 5'8 Aftanas raddysh [photo] 5'8"x 20 x 2 3/8 30L volume in good shape no dings just usual pressure dents. Asking 300$ great all around board.
    email - yan - 250-702-4704 courtenay (Sep/17/2017)

  • Savage Gun [photo] Project board. Needs work, reflected in price.
    email - Julia - 778-229-5853 Vancouver (Sep/06/2017)

  • 9'6" Channel Islands performer longboard , sick board, great shape, includes fin, bag and leash. 900$
    - Erik - 250-888-9502 Langford (Sep/02/2017)

  • 6'4" x 18.75 x 2.38 Klimax Flames model [photo] Thruster setup, rounded pin tail, great board for good waves. Well made Peruvian board with its share of pressure dents and a few fixed land dings but all in all pretty good shape. Approx. 30L volume. $250 obo
    - Dan - 250-686-7965 Ucluelet (Sep/04/2017)

  • 9'4" Infinity SUP [photo] perfect hardly used condition $600
    - Kelly - 250-266-2555 Tofino (Sep/11/2017)
r u b b e r

  • Size S Xcel explorer 5/4 [photo] no hood, surfed maybe twice. Perfect condition! 50$
    - Felix - 250-885-9489 Victoria (Dec/04/2017)

  • Xcel women's size 4 Infinity 5/4mm [photo] Excellent condition. No tears no leaks. $200
    - Nina - 250-266-5062 Ucluelet (Nov/29/2017)

  • Men's MT 3mm Quiksliver [photo] $40 great condition but we no longer use it as we are living in kelowna now.
    - Jan - Txt 778-215-4826 kelowna (Nov/26/2017)

  • Women's size 8 billabong 5/4 wetsuit. no hood, back zip. Only $35!
  • Women's size 8 rip curl 5/4 flash bomb E4 with hood. Definitely well loved, but still works! $125
    - Maddy - 250-888-0274 Victoria (Nov/15/2017)

  • Vissla North Seas 5/4 Size L hooded suit Like new 300$
    email - damian - victoria (Nov/12/2017)

  • Xcel Infiniti X2 TDC 5/4mm XLS hooded wetsuit [photo] Brand new with tags, $325 Extra Large/Short 5'8" to 5'10" 175-190 lbs
    email - John - Victoria (Nov/12/2017)

  • 5/4 Xcel Drylock TDC Mens Medium Wetsuit [photo] 5/4 Xcel Drylock TDC Mens Medium Wetsuit Less than a year old Always rinsed, never pee'd in $300
    - Kyle - Call or Text 250-893-1272 Victoria (Nov/12/2017)

  • Women's Size 8 Tall Patagonia R1 wetsuit backzip [photo] perfect condition worn 3 times. Price $225 OBO. Bought on a trip to the states where I knew I'd be surfing a bit didn't want to rent so I grabbed this, thinking I'd surf a lot once i moved to BC turns out I'm not so big of a surfer gal, worn for three romps on big old rental foamy's and I want it to get some more love!
    - Emma - 902-802-8429 Vancouver Fairview South Granville (Nov/10/2017)

  • Womens Ripcurl fbomb size 10, 5/4mm [photo] Purchased a few years back, used a fair amount, but is well taken care of. $200 Obo. Small tear in smooth skin, still super toasty!
    email - Phoebe - Victoria (Oct/30/2017)

  • Xcel MT men’s infinity suit. One season on it. No pee pee. $200
    - Adam - 778-882-7873 (Oct/29/2017)

  • Ripcurl e-bomb 4/3mm size XL wetsuit [photo] Comes with ripcurl e-bomb hood that was bought separately
    email - Dominic - 604-388-9196 Whistler (Oct/22/2017)

  • Excel size Large 5/4/3 Wetsuit. Three pairs size xl gloves Brand new size 10 flash bomb boots $350
    email - Mike - (Oct/17/2017)

  • Billabong Xero 5/4 Youth size 8 hooded wetsuit [photo] Like New condition Barely used Retail price $300 before tax $160 OBO
    - Colin - 250-514-0425 Victoria (Oct/10/2017)

  • Quiksilver cypher 6/5mm size small wetsuit used only once like new condition too thick for me. Asking 250$
    email - yan - 250-702-4704 courtenay (Oct/08/2017)

  • Xcel Infiniti Round toe boot 5mm size 6 (women's) [photo] Used once. $50 OBO
    email - Caileigh McDade - Victoria, BC (Sep/29/2017)

  • O'neill Psycho 5.5/4.5 mens medium tall [photo] no rips or tears $100.00
  • Quicksilver kids size 8 5/4 hooded wetsuit [photo] $50.00 free kids booties and gloves in varying condition if you buy the Quicksilver suit for your kid!
    - Tony - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Sep/25/2017)

  • MT flashbomb 5/4 MT 4/3 dawn patrol Flashbomb [photo] used 5 times last winter. Dawn patrol used this summer 20 times Condition is excellent, almost new. Switching brands for 2018 Open to offers
    email - Brent - 250-534-9422 Ucluelet (Sep/16/2017)

  • Men's Medium 6/5 Matuse hooded wetsuit. $300 Wetsuit is basically brand new used a few times but fits too small. I am 5'11 150lbs. Warmest suit out there for winter surfing.
    email - Taylor Wilson - 778-977-1659 James Bay (Sep/07/2017)

  • Mens xcel 4.5mm/3.5mm infinity comp Wetsuit [photo] Good conditon, seams all in decent shape. $150
  • Xcel 8mm booties size 10 [photo] good condition $50
    - Sash - 250-266-6682 Ucluelet (Sep/06/2017)

a c c e s o r i e s

  • 9'2" FCS Double Wheelie Longboard Board Bag [photo] Fits 2 longboards. Brand New, Never Used. $400 (It's $504 with tax so saves you a cool hundy) Best bag to travel with 2 longboards anywhere.
    email - Hamish - 604-653-8101 Vancouver (Nov/15/2017)

  • future's quad trailers 4.15 [photo] only put in my board once. Not really feeling the quad set up. $60
    - cole - 250-216-0490 victoria (Nov/10/2017)

  • FCS double soft rook rack Used for a month or so
    - Alec - 226-268-3336 Victoria (Nov/07/2017)

  • FCS Soft Racks [photo] Perfect for vehicles without an installed roof rack. Fits all size surfboards Condition like new. Only used for a couple of trips Tofino $50obo
    email - Mark - 250-812-8708 Sooke BC (Oct/01/2017)

  • Futures JC1 [photo] Fibreglass $60
  • Scarfini FX3 [photo] Hemp/Bamboo/Fibreglass Futures Template Fins $60
  • Balin 7'6 Tour Series Surfboard Bag [photo] $50
    email - Darcy - Victoria (Oct/10/2017)

  • 5'9" FCS Shortboard bag [photo] $30. Ordered online and it doesn't fit my shortboard - never used with tags still on. It's this
    - Piers - 604-603-6727 Vic/Van/Tuff (Sep/29/2017)

  • Mikck Fanning FCS MF-1 Fiberglas Thruster set [photo] $65
    email - John - Duncan (Sep/18/2017)

  • FCS Large G-AM tri fin set [photo] x 3. Used. Good condition and great fins. $50 per set or $120 for all three sets.
    - Leon - 250-218-2428 cumberland (Sep/08/2017)

w a n t e d

  • Wanted: 1) Women's gloves size xs 2) Women's booties size 5
    email - Maria - (Nov/28/2017)

  • Wanted: a right side 4" FCS fin [photo] Broke mine and to cheap to buy a whole new set. Trade for some beer? in duncan and Victoria a fair bit, maybe else where randomly for pickup Thanks!
    email - Dane - S island (Nov/02/2017)

  • Looking for 7'8 or 8'0 board, suit good for winter, boots, gloves! getting into the sport more, rather than just destination surfing.
    - morgan - 250-859-1633 (Oct/22/2017)

  • Wanted: surfboard bag for 5'11 egg! Help a brotha out
    - Liam Mitchell - 250-819-8830 Victoria (Oct/05/2017)

  • Board Bag Wanted for a 6'2 board Happy to pay 40-50 bucks for a decent bag! cheers
    - Killian - 604-722-1451 Will pick up anywhere in South Island (Sep/29/2017)

  • Seeking: women's gloves (small) and 5mm booties (size 8)
    email - Megan - text 250-826-6401 Victoria (Sep/25/2017)

  • Looking for all! board, wetsuit, booties, gloves Board 6'6 to 7' <$100 Wetsuit 5'8" <$100 booties 10 or 11 + gloves xlarge <$50 rol
    email - Rol - 250-five five one - xero 6 nine seven (Sep/23/2017)

  • Wanted - longboard for family surf missions! Looking to get a long board for me and the kids to share the stoke; they are stoked to ride but my boards are too twitchy. Want something big and stable and definitely willing to do ding repairs /glass wok etc to get it going. Drop me a line if you have something gathering dust or something you want to move on to a family that'll make great use of it! These kids wanna surf!
    email - Matt Johnson - 250-609-0199 Sooke (Sep/18/2017)

  • Looking for: a 6'2 to a 6'6 surf board price: max around 500$ Great if it comes with a bag and fins Text me if you have any offers, thanks!
    - Justin - 778-533-9142 Victoria (Sep/09/2017)

Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
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♠ learn to surf
Learning to Surf - a BC surfing tutorial - Surfing Vancouver Island Learning to Surf - a BC surfing tutorial

» Learning to Surf by Chris Payne
» How To Surf by Tim Maddux
» Learner surfer's FAQ by Stephen Whelan
» The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches by Bruce Gabrielson

» PD's Trick Tips   Backside Roundhouse

Frontside Carving 360
Frontside Carving 360
The Frontside Snap
Frontside off the Lip
Frontside Air Reverse
Backside Air Reverse
Speed on a Backside Wave
Backside Bottom Turn
Backside Air

Layback Snap
Backside Floaters
Backside Re-entry
Pumping on a Frontside Wave
Frontside Bottom Turn
Frontside Air
Frontside Roundhouse
Frontside Cutback
Frontside Floaters

♠ learn other stuff

» Ding repair FAQ
» wave terminology
» board terminology
» surf terminology
» about waves & sets - John Sidles - Timothy B. Maddux
» foam in the surf? - James G. Acker
» Rip Currents & Undertows - Ray McAllister - Steve Baum - Neil Savage
» Lud's Wave Prediction - Ludwig Omachen
» cold water & rubber
» stretching & flexibility
» Surfboard Design Guide



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